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It’s been a minute since I sat and wrote some raps,  

it’s been a minute since I’ve felt this motherfuckin depressed.

 I fuckin woke up last night 

With a knife on my chest,

 I don’t remember much,

but I guess downed some lights 

In the Bury.

Danced with lies 

and I swear I felt the devil’s touch,

with all the petals dead 

There ain’t no love to give.

“We love the kid”,

But fuck we did.

I’ve been drunk, fucked, 

and pissed, a little off

I see none, but yellow love.

“Bless me thy father”

But ain’t no holy touch,

So hold me close 

As I clutch my last breath.

Let’s speak in past tense 

when we speak on his name.

To be ditched in the flames, 

but I ain’t got no fear.


Speaking of numb! Have y’all heard the 2 new Linkin Park releases?

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South ฅ⁠^⁠•⁠ﻌ⁠•⁠^⁠ฅ

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ajdsgdfgyfadhf this is so good!! There are so so many people on here who make such great stuff omg

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Thank youuu :) I appreciate that

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Saint Vincent

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That first part was fucking with the font lol so it’s different.

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