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Being a kid now & then.

So since we where young we all watched all these young ladies get a prince and find love. But then to find out no prince charming was not coming. We would see heros always win and happy families and friends. Like this was suppose to be the normal thing. Wow I feel lied to 😒. Great child hood felt like I was exposed enough just to be happy and know what I needed to alittle not fully ready for life. But I wonder why when I was younger movies seem to shelter us from real life. Or was it just my mom and what she allowed us to watch. I don't know who to blame it says age requirements so we couldnt watch but our shows only showed good times not possible hard times. Or maybe it was so subliminal we didnt pick up on it. Kids now have access to so much adult like views and actions. It 's everywhere in shows, videos, TV and social media in real life time. Like these kids are not being kids.  Its like now the world is so open maybe to open to kids, plus parents have no filtter. I mean I am a mom and just try to monitor my kids viewing in person and on TV even all types of technology. But I will allow them to understand and talk about certain things as they age. But to me at the right age. Like now I feel like I will gladly take back my child hood lies and all lol. Because making sure your child is not exposed to so much is soooo hard. But the right thing to do in this comd world. Im just trying to do it alittle different then my mom. Like I just want my kids to be a kid like I was earn what you get , respect elders, be kind, learn, explore, imagine. Summer days outside with friends that will be friends for years later down the road. Watching the latest movies but still getting some outside time. Going to the park having fun parties and going on vaca. Just being a kid that your imagination is enough but you still had video games, tv and movies but riding your bikes random walks and going outside is better. Winter fun like ice skating, parks, sledding, snowball fights, building a snowman just fun times. Now all these kids are stuck on TV, computer. Videos games, tablets and cellphones. Why does your child have a cell phone when they can barely wipe there own a**. You put these kids now outside they stand there looking around to say " Im bored". The older ones faces are glued to the phone. Then the parents give the younger one's the phone, tablet whatever to sit outside like what. These kids are not living real life like I once did. They are living unsoicalized lifes, thank god for school. Sometimes that's even hard to some kids to find those connections. I feel like it was harder to do things back then but we have back bones and work hard these kids are lazy and to judmental, antisocial and just mean. I'm not going to rant to much about this but we all see it. Try to be a active parent with active kids don't let technology consume you and your kids. Let them be a kid a actually kid and not grow to fast.

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