UGH , something about my master makes me so warm and fuzzy inside , makes me wanna purr and sh! . May be an aggressive goth on the outside but deep down I'm just a catboy waiting for his master . 

I wish you could all see him but at the same time back off , he's got the prettiest hair with lovely curls he always hides under a beanie or cap . He says he doesn't have freckles but he has a million very light beauty marks , and they get darker on his arms . He tends to just throw on whatever he sees , but when they match even ever so slightly he has the best taste . He likes to bite his nails and his hands are rough from his job but he still holds be so gently nothing compares . 

I'm taking my big baby out for lunch today ( he's driving I'm just paying , may be a passenger prince ) , and I'm gonna stare at him the whole time . I love watching him enjoy his food . <3

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