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name: pink!
nickname: portia ! it's my birthname but it's kinda become a nickname nowadayss
age: 22!
pronouns: they/them
birthday: feb. 16!
siblings: none! but im an only child and i grew up with dogs, and considered them my brothers.
straight/bi/gay: none! im p unlabeled with that stuff. queer is fine!
job: by day im a teacher, and also by day i am a jewelry maker!


hair color: ashy brown
eye color: greeenn
height: 5'3
ethnicity: whitee
look like a celeb: idk but my partner says i look like Christina Ricci
dye your hair: nope! but im going to dye it black soooooon
have bangs: when i straighten my hair yes
have braces: nope! i am 2 poor 4 those
wear glasses: yes i am blind (not legally but my vision is very bad!)
wear contacts: i get so grossed out with eyeball stuff so hell no
piercings: i got my lobes done and they got infected bc of a bad piercer so now i think piercings are cursed 4 me. ive healed them both up sooo i have 0 technically noww
tattoos: yes! i have 7!


Color: black, rainbow (the entire thing all at once)
Movie: man idkk, i don't watch a lot of movies, im a book reader. i like ponyo a lot tho, and kiki's delivery service
TV show: i love mlp:fim and horseland!
animal: i love catsss! all kinds
drink: peach tea and waterr
food: chocolate
alcoholic drink: vodka straight 
car: whatever drives frfr
day of the week: sunday!
season: summer!
song: currently it's mortician's rabid. i've been getting into mortician recentlyy
sport: badminton!
restaurant: there's this place near me that's a soup restaurant and its the best only bc it only serves soup 
teacher: my math/science high school teacher
subject: english
holiday: nonee
book: currently junji ito's uzumaki
magazine: FRUiTS
flower: lily of the valley
memory: my favorite is going out with my partner to break open rocks :3


person you hugged: my mom
thing you said: "he's beautiful but not that beautiful" (i'm watching 90 day with my partner and mother lolll we're talking abt Florian)
thing you ate: pizza
texted: my mutual Miles!
you called: my college campus
called you: my college campus
person you saw: my mom and partner
you had a long conversation with: mom + partner


summer or winter: summer
cats or dogs: bothh
Pepsi or Coke: neither i can't drink soda
cell phone or Ipod: i miss ipods
ocean or pool: pool
black or white: black
chocolate or vanilla: chocolatee
flowers or candy: candy 4everr
rock or rap: rock and rap together in one insane hybrid genre
TV or movie: tv
AIM or MySpace: myspace
stars or hearts: starss
bracelets or necklaces: necklaces
gold or silver: silver
kisses or hugs: neither tbh
pen or pencil: pen


smoked: yes
failed a test: nope
stayed home from school: nope
been to the mall: nope
bought a book: yess
been to a show/concert: noo
yelled at someone: nope, no reason to
got into a fight/argument: nope, no reason
cried to a friend: no i have 0 friends
told the truth: duh
lied: nope


TV: yess
your own phone: yess
your own phone line: this "test" really shows its age, lolll! i have my own phone, yes
VCR: funny enough, yes
DVD player: also yes
radio: nopee but i have a record player
computer: yesss
posters: yess
of what?: pinup women, pink floyd, rolling stones, types of cats
pictures: yes, they're vintage photos i purchased at my local thrift store. they're very charming
of who?: i'm unsure! i love all of them very much though


taken or single: taken
got a crush: duhhhhh! on my partnerrrr

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