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The internet feels so much lonelier these days

It's so strange, as big as the internet is, it's like there's nowhere to make friends. It's as if the internet is a big metropolitan city, so many people but no one wants to talk. Of course I'm not making this blog post to complain about no one wanting to be friends with me; I just hope this site makes things easier than they used to be, so far it's looking up. :)

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I agree. It's like the Internet is No longer like The Wild West anymore. There's established cliques and Social medias now, And back in the day making Friends was alot Easier cause There was alot Less barrier to it, But things like Cringe culture and DNI Lists (No target towards People with DNI Lists I understand) Now makes friends alot more restrictive. I'm Autistic with Pretty obscure interests under My belt and I feel so Lost cause it's like I have nobody to even talk to.

Sorry for the Super extensive reply.

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I've never read something more truer, theres so many places to go but nowhere to make friends, like it's a little ironic that it was made to bring people together when it seems to kinda be the opposite just a little bit

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Agree tbh :/

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I'm glad it's not just me that feels that way. I've always found it strange that it's that way.

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Yes it’s very difficult when everyone already has cliques. Especially if you are neurodivergent like I am and ppl just automatically assume you’re weird

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Yeah it gets so difficult when you can't help it...It's like "why won't anyone tell me what the deal is???? Am I missing something??" Ngl it feels like I'm constantly not on the same wavelength as everyone else T~T

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i agree! everything is much more separated, everyone's in their own spaces now...this place reminds me more of when the internet was just a free for all, and you just ended up making friends really organically :)

maybe i just don't spend as much time online as i used to...but this site makes me miss real forums, AIM, MSN, just all the old stuff!

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idk if that even makes sense but i feel ya. doesn't feel as personal as it used to

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It makes sense! I wasn't around for the days of AOL or Myspace, I'm glad I finally get the chance to be :)

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Haha yeah! I wasn’t really around for AOL either (not that old!) but yeah, internet was such a different place before.

I wish you all the best here o7

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