You're a canary, I'm a coal mine

I've been trying for 3 days now to write something sweet. To create some letter of assurance that this is a good thing for us. And every time my writing falls flat. Like a raw image before the computer color corrects it to show its vibrant glory. But I just can’t. Not because this isn't a good thing. This is all I could have hoped for and more. Especially considering It All. I guess I could just chalk it up to being out of practice, but that wouldn't be the whole truth. All my writing is so deep and visceral because that's all I'm used to. I'm not built for love, not anything so sweet, if my past is any indication. I could tell you a million beautiful words for pain because I've gone through every single one of them. A true poetic tragedy. But writing about what we have is impossible because it's never a feeling I've gotten to describe before. It's too perfect, gentle, you’re so good to me that I'm speechless. But I'll keep trying. Bet your bottom dollar I'll write you every sweet word and assign each one to a different shimmering memory of your smile. See? Improving as we speak.


hi frankie!! this one is kinda sad but i think she finishes strong...just like your mo- *GUNSHOTS*

as always feel free 2 ask questions or whatever i always like when ppl comment on my stuff :)

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you’re gonna make my crusty sunburned face all wet from TEARS i fucking hate how beautifully you write (i don’t i love it so much it’s VERY VERY pete wentz like so pete wentz if you told me this was taken from pete’s livejournal circa 2005 summer of like i would 100% believe you) :((

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u r 2 sweet :(( im glad my attempt to be an ft willz pete wentz lovechild pays off

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