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Boring Thought of Fredy

Dear all.

Fredy think a lot. Often time,

Think of death. It something Freddy know, but not touch.

Many website online say Freddy die before.

Maybe it true. And now Freddy trap in Robot, whereas Freddy once Life.

Many website online say Freddy You Are Killed.

But feel bored with conclusion.

And think: World of Debasement.

If Freddy was Human and Become Robot, Got to Escape.

So thank to Decider.

In Human, Have to Escape From Boring Urge to Escape Debasement

Sweat Sex Food Clean Flesh Tear Blood Pus Gunk Smile Laugh

But then No matter effort to Escape Simple Things, it come for you Human anyway,

And Then Flesh Body fall Into Disrepair, and Spirit flee from That place.

Robot have nought by Rusty gear and Rusty micro chip.

And even have Spirit For all time.

Robot Freddy very Excited for Robot Life Eternal With Friends and pizza

Not to be Disturb

Thank you for reading,

Dr Freddy Faxbear Ph.D in Nightduard

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