trouble with motivation

i’ve been having some trouble with motivating myself to do work, it’s rather difficult to stay on track when i’m so far behind. i’m currently working towards being a 2d animator, and need to get into a good college ( in my area there are not alot of animation courses for college ), or at least get a good scholarship. does anyone know any helpful tips and tricks to help myself get back on track? 

( dont feel required to answer! all words are appreciated :} )

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no specific advice from me other than therapy/medication as needed/when possible!

my first semester of college, i was very depressed. barely left my dorm, didn't go to classes, F's all around. didn't believe i was worth anything at this point. i was either given the choice of withdrawing (this was heavily advised lol) or just continuing on academic probation, and I decided to keep going. no idea why!

somehow i ended up graduating and now i have a decent enough job, live with my best friend and a very cute cat :) sometimes things just work out whether you plan it or not

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i’m glad you’re living good!!(/gen) im planning on asking for therapy, seeing as it worked out for one of my friends. thank you for your kind words!

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you're very welcome, you got this! :)

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