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  1. Hello !! Im here to talk about well, something. This is my first blog so I am a little nervous but this is a blog about something. Gosh it could be about well, anything, im writing it. Its for me to deicdie, but I don't know, what if I just rant and rave about something no one cares about. I need to think about this one long and hard. 

...Ah I know, I will talk about, sketchbooks. I mean we all love them, right? Such a nice place to dump all your sketches and art ideas. I mean its just such a convience right, also you can decorate the sketchbook itself! Ah what a great invention, I wonder who came up with. Well thats my blog, it had a subject and I wrote it, well Spacehey. Thats my blog, see you soon.

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