I miss the negative degree weather

I miss winter, I liked how cold it was. It's my normal comfort level. I'm starting to learn HTML finally, I wanna learn more than just HTML so I can find a job. I hope I find more penpals to write to since 1 decided to avoid me til I asked them why they quit. I am loving g3 Monster High. I loved seeing Avatar 2. I'm hooked on the character ai thing for rp, I love it, its a bit tricky though. My friend is going to c2e2 and picking up autographs and stuff for me since I couldnt go. I am thankful that my friend gets to go and enjoy themself ^w^ they love to cosplay.

Besides that, I'm still crocheting away, I got hooked on the game called The Arcana. I spent too much to get coins, so I only played through 1 character line fully, Julian Devorak, and I bought merch. I love the snake Faust so much, shes so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeee!!!! ;u; I've also been using a instax printer so I can use up film I have since I dont take a lot of photos. I love it so much uwu.

I did manage to have a date last month, it was nice and all but idk if we had enough in common. Im behind on the Mandalorian by 2 or 3 episodes sadly, but I can't wait for Ahsoka to come out!!!

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