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☆ My 10 Fav Vocaloid Songs!!

HELLOOO EVERYONE!! Remember that Vocaloid Blog I mentioned starting up? Well, uhhhh, this is kinda techinically it , but not really so uh consider it adjacent but not the first entry HAHAH- But anyways, ive just been revisiting my old vocaloid favorites, so i thought, hey , why not share it on spacehey!! I know I've seen various different Voca fans on here, so i was hoping maybe showing other fans my most favorite songs!!!

Now a disclaimer!! this isn't a list of like, my top 10 vocaloid songs EVAR; even tho i think these are all beautiful songs within their own right, I'm not claiming they're the best of the bunch!! there's like, a gazillion of vocaloid songs out there LMAO, and i believe every fan has their own personal fine tuned taste, including me! these are more so just the 10 songs that i feel have like, REALLY stuck to me, like the ones that just left a mark on my brain and i will never recover from it AHSHHEH so, just take note of that while reading! I'm aware some of these may even be dated and not have the best mixing but lemme just try to share my heart with ya !!! ToT


10. Reboot by JimmyThumbP/OneRoom | ft. Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Samune Zimi

GAHHH NOW THIS ONE IS A CLASSIC... HOO FROM THE OLDEN DAYS. HELL YEAH... gosh now, i know everyone remembers this one as the heartbreaking MV they saw when they were kids that broke their world apart, but goddamnit man, i still shed some tears watching this MV to this day!!! ಥ_ಥ

But I wanna talk about MORE than just the MV... OneRoom appears a lot on this list, but thats mostly because I cant help but ADORE his wistful and bittersweet instrumentals!! vocals aside, the main track for this song has always stuck with me; you of course have the OneRoom guitar riffs happening in the middle of the song , and as always theyre BEAUTIFUL! digital or real, it doesnt matter, OneRoom just has this way of conveying emotions through his music that almost makes it feel like you're revisiting feelings you once left behind a LONG time ago (tho maybe thats my bias, since ive loved this dudes music since i was a child hehe). regardless, even if you dont like sad anime MVs, i still think this song is very beautiful and far from the corny/cheesy line; It just wants to tell you the story of how friends can fall apart because of circumstances out of their control, and the pain that can come with that falling out, that broken past, and a now remedied friendship; The art style in the MV has also always just stuck with me, its so high quality, beautifully cel shaded and just doused in these calming, pastel-grey colors, it genuinely feels like a self-contained short film, and it meshes so perfectly with the music it just brings you to tears...

Now you may notice a name here you're not quite familiar with, Samune Zimi! Well, no, she's not a private Vocaloid or an UTAU! Or well... I can't say definitively. All we know of Samune is that her vocals take from OneRoom's own vocals, so he made her himself! Now, what programs he used or how he did it isnt really known AFAIK, but i dont think she's a sort of private vocaloid, just maybe a private vocal he used!

9. Dear by 19's Sound Factory | ft. Hatsune Miku

GODDDD THIS ONE JUST MAKES ME SUPER NOSTALGIC  (༎ຶ _」 ༎ຶ ) what can i say.. this one is just really nice and sweet!! maybe i dont have much to gush about with this one, but i still love it so much :") to this day i still love how one of the chorus lines is just "i miss you so much, i miss you so much", just calling out to someone who isn't here anymore, wanting to say a couple last things!! knowing that isn't really possible, but deep down , a part of you just hopes your words can reach them in some way; trying to find them in every piece of the world, GAHH, just tugs at your heartstrings ;-; so simple but so effective! It just has that really early Miku tuning that makes me very nostalgic... obviously i love how unique and expressive Miku has become thanks to the unique tuning of each producer out there!! but something about this era where people were just figuring out how to make her sing, and so her tuning was kinda similar all across the board, I have a soft spot for it :")

8. Toumei Answer by Jin | ft. IA


NO BUT FR, I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!! Its one of my most FAVORITES from Jin , and probably all of kagerou project in general!!

I remember people saying that they thought the singing didnt seen sad enough, that it just kinda sounded a lil too happy when its about (SPOILERS !!) Shintaro mourning his dead friend Ayano; and to be fair I kinda get it! IA's voice at the time (and well, just vocaloids in general) weren't as flexible, and maybe the instrumental isnt that tear-jerky... but honestly, i kinda love it the way it is!!

Dont get me wrong, this could be total bias speaking LOL, as this is one of my fav kagepro songs, but i think the way its sung and the way the instrumentals are arranged is fine as is! to me, toumei answer sounds just like thinking back on a memory of a lost one from long, long ago; perhaps from a time where you were really different to how you are now! so its a little disconnected in that sense, but it still sounds to me like a lamentful, melancholic yet warm spring class memories with someone whos sadly gone; its Shintaro remembering that friendship that existed between him and Ayano, and of course he misses her (he probably wont admit the guilt he feels to himself yet), but i think it works well in tone; tbh i end up with a melancholic summer feeling, i feel like thats what Jin was going for with this song ^^ now dont take that as gospel tho LOL, theres people who know kagepro way better than i do, as my interest with it has always mostly laid with the music!

I get people wanna feel more like, pain and sadness and distress coming from Shintaro's POV here, but I just feel like it works a little better to show how he felt when he knew her, how he was still very disconnected and uninterested, and she came along, and then left, and now hes left with.... nothing, but the memory of a summer thats now long gone. On the other hand, I feel like Lost Time Memory is a PERFECT juxtaposition to this, the further the song goes and the more Shintaro falls into distress and misses Ayano more and more, everything around him breaks down and the song seems to just LOSE it, until the point where the timelines diverge, and one version of Shintaro accepts the past and tries to move on.. ANYWAYS JUST LISTEN TO IT LOL!!!

(and pls also listen to the version with Shouichi Taguchi and Annabel!!! or just the Mekakucity M's covers in general theyre FANTASTIC)

7. Calc. by JimmyThumbP/OneRoom | ft. Hatsune Miku



Okayokay for REAL though, i freaking LOVE this song!! JimmyThumbP/OneRoom is already like, one of my most fav producers EVER, but god, this song is just one of those that takes the cake. I like breakup songs as much as the next moody teen does, but this one is the one i will always love. I will NEVER get over that goddamn beautiful riff  about 2 minutes in... and just, listening to this song knowing the lyrics? its like, idk if you'll relate to this, but you've just gotten past a tough part of being in love, and now youre trying to find a way to believe you can move forward; all the things from the past that were once so happy are now tinted with sadness!! but its okay!! that love song wont feel sad forever!! like lucy dacus said , those songs will once feel like covers!!!

Gosh i just really love this song, it feels like a real pick-me-up. Most hopeful songs were kinda hard for me to listen to post-getting-dumped, but this one just felt like, understanding you know? Kinda like puttong your face up to the wind and believing itll be okay; Youve lost a lot of courage and pride in getting your heart broken, and right now its just gonna have to go away with time until you feel better... which eventually, you will!! even if it takes a long time :") idk dude just , just listen to it please and CLOSE YOUR EYES AND MOVE AROUND TO THE CHORUS!!! YEAAA

6. Fairytale by buzzG (Specifically the cover done by cillia using VY1V4)

God is this cover just outright POWERFUL; cillia's tuning is legendary, theres no doubt about it!! but something about this cover just, SHIFTED something in the univerese... I still get chills from it to this day, its so so so SO GOOD!! The original vocals are pretty too!! but god , cillia took it to the next level using VY1's V4 vocals, i feel like all the strength and details in the tuning and arrangement seriously elevated this song into something godly!!

you know that thing where like, a cover of a voca song becomes so iconic, it basically becomes synonymous with the original sound of the song? think miyashita yuu's cover of wozwald, EVERYONE remember's those vocals because of how game changing they were!! I feel like the same could be said of this cover, I think it just added an extra dimension to this song that people didnt see before; it just feels so strong, like pure emotions, and the visuals finally match up with the incredible crescendo at the beginning HAHA

I guess i mostly just love this cover of this song because of its LEGENDARY vocals, for most it was probably the first time they realized vocaloids could even sound like this; TLDR; cillia's tuning legendary some of the best in the game, that goes without saying LOL but other than that, i find this song to still be so full of heart!! the instrumentation goes really unnoticed, when by itself it does SO much, regardless of what vocals there are!! Ill be honest im still not quiteeeee sure what this song is about even to this day LOL, but i still really love the lyrics; very poetic, and they almost read like a letter of sorts!! i can appreciate it even if im not quite sure if its about generally saying goodbye/closing a chapter of your life, or like. divorce LOL.

5. Hidamari No Uta by yuyoyuppe | ft. Hatsune Miku

I RECENTLY DISCOVERED THIS ONE ACTUALLY!!! And im so sad I hadn't delved deeper into yuyoyuppe's discography, because god talk about ETHEREAL!!! I dont know what he does to create such special instrumentals, but god it just makes these tracks so perfect...

Maybe this wont make any sense but, sometimes i feel like Vocaloid voicebanks are complementary to their songs, but not like, perfect pieces to a puzzle, yaknow what i mean? NOT THAT I MEAN THEY SOUND BAD HSDJDHSKJ moreso , what i mean to say is that , i feel like the way yuyoyuppe tunes Miku and Luka makes them mesh sooooo perfectly with the instrumentals; like they just fit together so well and work perfectly together!! im probably not making any sense LMAO, but i really love how Miku sounds when she's tuned by yuyoyuppe <3

I know yuyoyuppe mostly does metalcore stuff, which i can really respect!! its a bit hard for me to get into those songs (not my thing but i admire the artistry!!) but his other songs are just sooo goddamn beautiful, I'm never getting over this instrumental; just like the album cover it just feels like an explosion of colors onto a canvas!!

4. Meltdown by iroha(sasaki) | ft. Rin Kagamine

okay...... i know what you may be thinking... "churro. this is your list of super special top personal vocaloid songs. why is meltdown here. ive heard this song 8 billion times in the last 13 years. whats going on here PAL" OKAY OKAY LOOK!!! SOMETIMESSSSS.... the big fandom hits are big hits for a reason ........ I JUST THINK THIS ONE IS A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE DONT COME FOR MEEEE (ד ྊ ד  )

okay okay but look... out of every single classic vocaloid song? i feel like this one just holds up PERFECTLY, even to THIS DAY. I know the subject matter is a bit random, wanting to jump into a nuclear reactor in this, but god!!!! dude its just... Rin singing to the heavens, those moments where her voice gets so high it borders on a whistle note, feeling like shes screaming out her grievances so loud for SOMEONE, SOMETHING to hear her... just screams of desperation and pain and frustration; her past weighing down so heavily on her , making her hate herself so much she's just willing to dissapear!! and i havent even touched the instrumentals yet, oh my god dude THE INSTRUMENTALSSSSS. I LOVE WHATEVER IROHA DID HERE. I DONT KNOW HOW HE DID IT BUT GODDDD . it feels like youre right in the middle of a haze!!!

I haven't touched on many of the MVs here yet, but this is probably one of my most favorite ones. Aside from the beautiful art style, and rins design, I've always been blown away by the design of the nuclear reactor!! i just remember being 14 and looking at it like, "oh my god.. how did they even render that ... THATS INSANE!!".

ANyways yea, this ones a classic for a REASON!! :P watch the og PV too please, i feel like it goes really underappreciated because youtube always pushes the project diva videos instead T^T

3. Palette by yuyoyuppe | ft. Megurine Luka

OKAYY YESSS MORE YUYOYUPPE!! Look , Look, this song just means something so special to me ToT  is it another (technically) breakup song? yes kinda maybe but I DONT CAREEEEE!! Something about this song is just so fantastic to me!! i cant tell if its the cascade of echoing instrumentals mixed with the heavy metal guitar, or the lyrics using color (something that just describes yuyoyuppes perfectly saturated mixes so well) as a way of describing things, or Luka's voice in general, I love this song!!!

One of the most striking things to me when i heard this song as a younger teen, of course, was the lines "Please distinguish me"; If you read the rest of the lyrics ( which i really reccomend you do for every vocaloid song for a full experience!!) , it becomes a plea of wanting to be seperated, and not dilluted with the other colors of the palette of memories one has;

My own personal interpretation was that this song just covers the basic want of not wanting to dissapear from the mind of someone whos moving past you; The colors mixed saying "thank you" and "I love you", but less like a confession, and more like a farewell. wishing to remain your very own person in the mind of someone else, and not wanting to be mixed in with the rest of their memories; you just want to become a mark, someone who cant be so easily forgotten and mixed with the rest of the world... as well as just the memories she has with this Other overflowing and becoming so important they begin to blend into one big mass of emotions!! yea i think about this song a lot LMAO

I may be way off base but thats just how i feel about the song :P its very beautiful to me and like, has helped me a lot when i felt i needed to accept that certain people arent meant to stick around forever, and moving past that!

Im putting the project diva version of this song here (mostly because i really love the camerawork and the module Luka has here) but i really do suggest you check out the original recording!! its got like 10 seconds of intro cut, but thats 10 seconds of yuyoyuppe goodness you dont wanna miss out on :D

2. No Logic (Specifically the cover by cillia using VFlower)

YEA YEA I KNOW I KNOW , MORE JIMMYTHUMBP , BUT HEY !! I get off on a technicality here because TECHNICALLY, i like the cillia cover way more AGHJGEHJGHJ

look look, what can i say!! this cover specifically like, changed something about 15 yr old me LMAO. This is some of my most favorite lyrics in practice , not just cus i love how JimmyThumbP writes his lyrics, but because of the message it gives!! isnt this good enough? isnt it alright? cant it just be enough to.. be enough? do we have to push ourselves further and further even if its not what we really want? NO!!! existing is NOT conditional!! you'll laugh if you want to, youll cry if you want to, hell even if its not what the universe wants, you can keep living for your present!!! you can carve your own path, even if its different from what others would do! (this is also why Whisper of the Heart is one of my most favorite ghibli movies :P)

Now of courseee i love the original, but like I said with the Fairytale cover, cillia just has an ability to breathe new life into these songs!! What i love about VFlower's voice being used in this is just how well it fits that daring and out-there feeling!! it really feels like the character is breaking past her old conventions on how to live, because the way Flower sounds in this is just so full of life and courage!! You've also got the classic JimmyThumbP guitar riffs, those will always be some of my most favorite parts of his arrangements ToT

This MV is also one of my favs; I love how the first almost repeats itself a second time, but it changes a little bit the second time 'round to show the character is starting to step out of routine, becoming more comfortable with the idea of not living up to other peoples standards!! The charavter design of a younger "Luka" with short hair and red glasses is so nice and hits so close to home for me, and the idea of Miku inspiring "Luka" to get out there and be what she wants to be is so cool!!

Listen to the original after the cover if you wish!! The Vocals arent as strong on the chorus as VFlowers, but i think for the most part Luka does a good job conveying the monotony and routine that exists at the beginning :P

Right before I talk about my most favorite vocaloid song EVAR, here's a couple of honorable mentions that werent even included in this list! :DD

Alice by Furukawa-P | ft. Hatsune Miku
Such a cute and sweet song, it also makes me nostalgic for when I was a little girl ;-;
( )

Additional Memory by Jin | ft. Hatsune Miku
GOD I JUST LOVEE HOW SAD THIS SONG IS BUT HOW DISTRESSING THE VOCALS SOUND!! Getting a song from Ayano's POV that isn't just about her being a great older sister and talks about how horrible she feels she never got to tell Shintaro how she felt and she regrets so much and feels trapped in the heat haze??? GODD
( )

1/6th - out of the gravity - by noa | ft. Hatsune Miku
This one is just a super cute love song!! I always thought it was a really nice sentiment saying "i know how bad you feel sometimes, thats why I literally wanna take you to see the moon so up close that we literally get pulled by its low gravity", i also think the backing track is SO NICE!!
( )

glow by keeno | ft. Hatsune Miku
THIS SONG IS SO UNDERRATED!! it only appeared in project mirai, but its so sweet, i love how soft the vocals are ToT i believe this was also keenos debut, but dont quote me on that :P
(  Its kinda hard to find a high quality upload of this song on youtube for some reason? the concert recordings are really good too tho!!)

love is war by ryo (supercell) | ft. Hatsune Miku
( )

strobe light by Siinamota / PowaPowaP | ft. Hatsune Miku
this is one of those songs I really hope people still appreciate; siinamota's discography as a whole is a treasure, but i think this song is just something so special; I think he really put into words a sentiment that connects many of us, that being that sometimes we feel like life is passing us by and we're not really doing what would fulfill us; its like the song is saying, " yea, it sucks. but ... you always have a choice to change this; YOU can decide where your life goes, its your own, dont sweat it too much", and i think thats really worth something :") looking for meaning in life when you feel you cant find any can be really hard, but you can always make your own decisions and turn it into something truly for yourself, i think thats worth something :D
( )


1. Double Lariat by agoaniki | ft. Megurine Luka

TADAAA!! YUPP THATS RIGHT!!! THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE VOCALOID SONG EVER!!! okay okay i hope i REALLY didn't let you down, but genuinely, this has got to be my most favorite vocaloid song ever!! I didn't really start appreciating it till recently, but its still so special to me!

I mean, aside from the funny lookin Luka and the random spinning fighting guys in the bg LOL this song genuinely speaks to me!! Ik most people rag on it for like. having lyrics that are literally about spinning, but theres so much more to Double Lariat people dont pay much attention to!! I love how it speaks about how your passion for something can leave you dissatisfied with your results, because its never nearly as good enough as you want it to be, so you keep pushing and pushing and pushing, till even your skills far exceed your original skills! yet still it probably wont feel like enough, because its not satisfying, theres still something wrong about your craft even if its doing well or getting better;

I think my favorite line from this one is near the end with the bridge where Luka sings "How's this? if my old self saw this, would I praise this?" LIKE GODDD!!!

As an artist i can just relate heavily to this song, sometimes you just get Lost in the Sauce of wanting to improve you lose sight of what originally made you wanna do it all in the first place... when i put it like that it sounds like a disney channel movie tagline, but its just true!! I remember there was a period where i got so burnt out i didnt draw for almost 7 or 8 months, and before that , i was just frustrated because even though i didnt enjoy art much like before, i kept pushing and pushing until I got off-center ... agh gosh sorry i just love this song!! I think it has some amazing riffs and the tune is just so catchy i hum it so often!!

Oh and fun fact! originally this was a flash file on niconico, so even if viewers paused the video , Luka would keep spinning and spinning :P i heard that there were other easter eggs, but i dont really know what those looked like unfortunately!!

Its a classic but a classic i believe deserves more love :"D I hope you like it too because genuinely if i wasnt so shy about loving vocaloid, id share this song with everyone everywhere!!

thats basically it!! I hope you enjoyed this list and if you read all this way through i really appreciate it :D fellow vocafans pleaseee tell me your favs too!!! i wanna know what songs yall like ToT !!! if not uhhhhhmmm feel free to tell me my opinions are poo and i smell :P TILL THE NEXT ENTRY !! BYEE

Luka from Double Lariat!

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Wee zer

Wee zer's profile picture

AHH!!! i love all these songs so much. it so funny to me how yuyuyoppe made all these cool songs, and then went on to make the YBC opening. not that the opening sounds bad or anything, its just so jarring whenever you look thru their discography lmao.

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chu_chuns's profile picture

we have similar taste !!!! you captured perfectly how I feel about classic vocaloid tuning... ♡ luka is da goat ! no logic was my fav for a long time - I related to the lyrics as a student drowning under so many expectations. dear and double lariat are both such magical masterpieces.

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OOOO YAYY SAME TASTE!!! im so glad you think the same about dear, it makes me feel a special kinda way that i can only really describe as being magical too ToT;; classic vocaloid tuning is sol special we ought to cherish it more!! <3

by churro ☆彡; ; Report


Aveivau's profile picture

Reboot changed the voca commuity for the better (I cried to it too many times T-T)

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SO TRUE!! I think it definitely left its mark on vocaloid fandom, I still think its a very beautiful song and MV TwT

by churro ☆彡; ; Report


incel!!!!!!!!!!!!'s profile picture

you have absolutely incredible taste oh my GOD!!!! double lariat at #1 based as all hell

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THANK U SO MUCH OMG AAAA!! im so happy other fans appreciate double lariat too because its just soo so good!! ( ;∀;)

by churro ☆彡; ; Report

dani! ♥

dani! ♥'s profile picture

omg i love meltdown!!

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SAMEE!! such a good classic aahhhh!!

by churro ☆彡; ; Report


hachi's profile picture

love no logic and double lariat so much ALSO STROBE LIGHTTT (APPLAUSE) do you have other favorite siina songs? :3 i think year 3 class c-14 is my all time fav.!!

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YESSS DEF!! i also really love strobe last and Q, but astronauts will always make me wanna cry like a baby, prob my all time fav from him TwT I think his discography as a whole is so so strong!!

by churro ☆彡; ; Report


oringe's profile picture

YESH!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE LARIAT DESERVS ITS #1 SPOT...... such a fish classic yet i feel liek IT HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN IN RECENT YERS D:

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RIGHT!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, i feel like it deserves to be recognized just as much as other classics but its been so swept under the rug!!!! SO GOOD GAAAHH ಥ_ಥ

by churro ☆彡; ; Report