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okay so im starting school again and i really need to talk about a guy!!! 

o.m.g so this guy hes tall ( like 5'2) and its tall for my age/grade (im in middle school!!)and hes mexican and he has dark flowy like middle part but like grown out and he wears hoodies and sweat pants.

but heres the thing he has a GF!!ūü§® but its whatever RIGHT! well he flirts with me and UGHHH omg like why are you doing this to me you have a gf!¬† whateverrrrr¬† ¬†¬†

but once he went up to me ( i sit on the floor ) and he slides his feet..weird but anyway he went up to me and i had a plastic water bottle and it was almost gone and he asked me for it and i said yea and he went to his freaking seat and he poured it in his hands and freaking did his hair and DRANK IT with his LIPS REALLY CLOSE TO ITTT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH omg but anyway it kinda turned me on a little UGH i hate that word. he gives me soo many butterflies. but one thing that keeps happening is that he will like talk to me at school and then dont talk to me after and he once to me that hes never busy. its whatever though, one thing that did happened is i called him and he answered and we talked for a long time and he feel asleep on the call and he woke up like 12 hours after and im guessing he saw that we were still on the call and he freaking ened it and i was like uhh okay and i went on my day and i tryed to call him again and he declined and i didnt know at the time that he BLOCKED ME . when i found out (like a few days later) i cryed becuase he was so nice to talk. i havent talked to him in a very long time but he was in my dream two times. and now that schools starting again i dont know what to do bc what if he tries to talk to me? (its cause im trying to get over him) ugh i really need help!!

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a couple of days b4 school he added me on snapchat then blocked me bc he got mad at me bc i told him i had a crush n this little boy had a gf at the time.

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