system intro, dni list and fronters

basic infoΒ 

collective name: robin

collective pronouns: he/they

body age: 15 (16 in 17 days /neg)

dni list

non-traumagenic system (they arent real)

anti recovery irls

basic dni (ableist, transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, ect)

just gross people in general

frequent fronters

august/robin|host|15|he/they/it+neos -🐾

flora|system manager|20|she/her -🌱

tommy|moodbooster|18|he/him -🍞

auggie|little|1-6|he/fluff/cloud -🫧

aether|host of subsys|18|they/them -πŸ›Ή

dream/clay|unknown role|20|he/him -:)

elias|trauma holder|10’219 (19)|he/pure/petal -🌼

ian|protector|14|he/rat/bug/sleet/sap/fang/scale/hay/cave/bite/tooth -πŸ€

nico|persecuter|15|h3/it/rawr/XD -🌈

nicki|caretaker|17|she/her -πŸ¦‹

damien|hypersexuality holder|17|he/crow/ink/vamp -🧿

dahlia|babysitter|16|she/it/sun/glow -β˜€οΈ

corpse|caretaker|23|he/it -πŸ’€

clover|little|7-9|they/twig/branch/acorn/moss -☘️

apollo|protector|23|he/they -πŸ’«

estael|social alter|19|they/it/she -estie

that’s all i’m willing to put rn

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