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1930s film is kinda depressing

In the 30s due to the poverty in Europe and the great depression everyone kinda was lead to fantasies and cause of this we saw a sharp rise in pirate films and tame horrors that while preexisting were not nearly as popular. With this we also saw a dip in sales as people couldnt afford to go to the theater as often. While it was pretty quite and sad it had a few memorable moments one of which being the hays code aform of censership put into place by Will H. Hays in an attempt to say what Hollywood shouldnt talk about or cover with the code being instituted in 1930 but only put into action and forced in 1934. due to an amendment saying all films needed an PCA certificate of approval, which was then overthrown for the familiar letter grade movies are given now. The only other thing that happened was they remade some older movies that were silent to have noise in them with the most notable addition being alice in wonderland.

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I know this is for a school assignment but I am in a historical film course specializing in noir and neo-noir so thought I'd comment in support!
The Hays Code definitely severely restricted artistic expression, but many directors and filmmakers worked around it with suggestion, subtext, and coding. It also attempted not only to censor, but politically control film: no miscegenation (mixed-race relations), no homosexuality, any "evil" character must be punished by the plot, etc.
Fun Fact: This time period is also where the concept of a B-movies and double features came from! Because many could not afford to see movies, theaters tried to cut deals by offering cheaper tickets for low-budget, less high quality films (deemed B-movies), as well as offering two-for-one deals with the double feature.

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this is so interesting !!

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