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Anxiety while getting gas

I just want to know who else out there gets so much anxiety while putting gas in their vehicle. I can't stand doing it myself let alone doing it BY myself. I always feel like everyone around me is watching me and if not that I know the chance of me getting kidnapped is more than I am comfortable with. Plus I have very strong paranoia so not only do I feel like I am being watched my mind is also going through every worse possible scenario that could happen to me. Ranging from not being able to find my card to what if I put the wrong fuel or what if it leaks and my truck explodes. I know it is not possible but like...what if? UGH I hate it so much and then I feel dumb when it's over like I was scared for nothing. Luckily I don't even have a license so I only drive to work and only if it is necessary so it takes a bit for me to get low on gas but still, anyone else feel this way too? This is one thing out of the list I am anxious about but I was thinking about it and wanted to blog. Thanks for reading this crappy blog. Enjoy your Wednesday (・_・)ノ

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