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Literal school i dont get it

Okay, how is the school supposed to ¨help¨ be so for real, like honestly, it makes no sense, especially since most of the kids at school are struggling with one thing or another. It's not fun it's not easy, most kids hate it there, they rather just drop out and get a GED. I'm not saying all kids but a lot of kids feel that way, and I know there are some kids that are perfectly fine with school and how everything is running. I honestly don't get the tardy sweeps, what's the point of them what's the real reason to drag kids to class? To have the upper hand and be on a power trip. Not to mention a lot of kids' mental health declines while in school, especially of the factor that the kids can´t always do the work, they have 8 classes and so much homework, it doesn't seem fair to them to expect so much out of the kids at all times. we need breaks just as much as anyone else. We aren't built as machines.

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