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Making a group ! " Cringe Club "

I've always described myself as the ' cringe ' kid , so I've decided to make a group to find other cringy teens . 

Some common themes I'd like to include would be therians / furries , all sexualities and genders , book lovers , drama lovers , horror fans , g0re fans , and so on . The purpose being to make a group where all typically ' deranged ' thoughts are accepted .

The only unacceptable things would be subjects like homophobia , transphobia , racism , ableism , body shaming ( without consent ) , reality checking , or just trying to hurt anyone . This is a safe space to discuss those thoughts sitting in a dusty corner of your mind , as long as no one is at risk .

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awsomeee!! how can one join?

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Haven't quite figured out how to link it to my profile , but if you look under the groups tab and search " Cringe Club " it should be in the top ten results . The photo is an anime girl standing in front of a blown up psycho version of herself if that helps .

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okiee! thanks, ill try:))))

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