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March 22nd 2023 8:03 AM

Lyric: My boy's got his own ringtone

Mood: annoyed 

Kicked my ten hour day's ass! Now I've just got one tiny two hour class today and then I'm doneeeee for the weekkkkkkk

His emoji doesn't work so I'm just gonna call him D but got my friend D gets on my nerves sometimes. He's fun in small spurts in a large group but for the duration of a five hour class? Fucking. Oh my god. He just brags constantly and I can't describe to you how much I don't care. I do not care that he met some YouTuber named Market Pliers or something I do not know who that is and it gets really tiring to be like "omg you did?? That's soooo cool!"

He also has no concept of like.....some people don't have the same financial abilities as him? He got a 120 dollar ticket to a concert and called me a loser bc I couldn't afford that. .-. Believe it or not, all money I have goes toward eating and getting a new wheelchair. 

He's also just...mean? I dyed my hair blue and orange last week and it's already faded (which was kinda intentional btw, Manic Panic gives these great bright colors but it also fades really fast and I wasn't sure I was gonna like the blue and orange) and he said it's already faded to "millennial blue and piss yellow" .-. cool...thanks...such a nice thing to say to your so-called friend. Then he started making fun of a complete fucking stranger's hair. What the hell.

He couldn't fathom the idea that I could know who Will Wood is (as if he's like...underground? lmao okay) I had to explain that Will introduced me to him and D was like "oh THAT makes sense" but Will didn't even introduce me to him. I knew Will Wood before that. What the fuck man. Plus...D does NOT listen to fucking "underground" music. He listens to Waterparks and Badflower. They are NOT "underground," whatever that means.

And the way he talks about all his friends like they're sooooo pathetic. His roommate "never leaves the dorm and barely speaks to anyone" and shit like okay dude? Have you considered he's just fucking introverted? He talks to ME, maybe he just doesn't talk to YOU. And who was alone on Valentine's Day? Cuz it wasn't me I'll tell you that.

Whatever. I shouldn't get so pissed off about it.

Song: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

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