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I talk a lot, please just return the energy and I'll do the same. Anyone can message me but please don't message me 2 be rude. If I ever do anything that makes you upset lemme know, please. I'd rather know so I can fix it and keep it in mind. You don't have to have the same interests as me, tell me ab urs if I don't know it. Don't be creepy please :'). If you don't have anything nice 2 say don't say it. KEEP IN MIND IM NEW 2 THIS, I just made this acc about an hour ago so I don't know everything(if you have tips that would be awesome). I have a messed up kinda humor I use stuff like "kys" or "imma kms" if you aren't comfy with that TELL MEEEE. I replace some words with numbers (as you probably noticed). I like having convos ab anything and everything, from silly 2 serious i'd love 2 hear ur input. If you want send me a message idm. If you need tone indicators notify me ab it. Have a good day xx

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