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Lemme just grab my ankles...

Goddammit.  >: (

More snow.  And I have a 90 minute drive tomorrow morning for that appointment.

I've already rescheduled once, because of snow.

So I'm not gonna do that again.

I'm just going to leave very early, drive slowly and carefully, have a plan, emergency numbers and all that. I doubt I'll run into much, the most I've seen forecast is five inches. No sweat there, this is Minnesota.

And the further south I go the better the roads will get. They're getting more rain than snow, good for them he said jealously. :P

And the way back will be fine, the plows and the traffic will have cleared most everything.

But dammit, this better be the last of it...

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Lady Antares ♏️

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Be safe!! :(

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