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weird dream no.1

thought this dream was kinda odd, so i thought i'd share! (i'm also trying to write down my dreams so i remember them)

so, when the dream started i think there was a zombie apocalypse but i had already been bitten? from what i remember, i was standing in a train station with reddish orange tiles on the floor and a white ceiling with white pillars. for some reason i knew what clothes i was wearing; a pair of blue jeans, a white men's turtleneck (covered in blood) and a long, light brown trench coat with a pair of converse. not something i'd usually wear but,, okay... anyway, a train pulled up in the station. it was white, long, and was very wide and futuristic. i'd say on the inside there was at least five meters of room between the seats and curved walls. did i mention it was shaped like a kind of flat tube? kinda like a tapeworm? cuz it was. anyway, i went onto the train and i knew i was searching for someone; a girl from my school who i really, really hate. this part of the dream has happened before, i think. i eventually hunted her down and infected her, before i stood motionless in the middle of the train carriage, my vision going blurry.

this is where the dream changed.

suddenly, i was no longer a zombie, and i was wearing a pair of darker blue jeans, converse, and an mcr hoodie, one that i own irl. we were in a car, a black one, from what i remember it was a matte black Audi 80, which funnily enough one of my dream cars. in the car with me was my dad (driver's seat), my step mum (passenger's seat), me (left back passenger seat) and... Ray Toro? he was sitting beside me, holding my hand, it was odd. we were laughing and cracking jokes and then ray put his hand on my knee, proceeded to shrink down to the size of  a cat, promptly crawl upon my lap and curl up and start sleeping? it was weird. 

that's all i can kinda remember, i have two other dreams with ray and frank in em but i'll write those down later

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