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Music: I See Stars

Hey Everyone

I See Stars just posted on their Instagram, that something new is coming soon. I like their older stuff when Zach Johnson was in the band - he has a super recognizable voice and I love it. He's not with them any more along with Jimmy Gregerson without being told why really, but that's just service level after all this time I still haven't had the chance to watch any interviews. Devin Oliver is good by himself, he has a super recognizable voice, too, but I think Zach and Devin have perfect parallels - like Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn. Treehouse (2016) was honestly not that bad, and I know it gets a lot of hate, which in reality to each their own. Bottom line is I hope what's coming isn't just Treehouse part 2, and that they hire a new screamer, even if it isn't Zach unfortunately - I just like screamers in bands lol.

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