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gio-blog entry 2: confronting your ponysona

yes that title is a soulles dx reference

recently made a new ponysona and reflected on the old ones i had. here's a retrospective of all of the ones i remember and an archive of the ones i still have images of. some are Very Crusty bc i only have access to those ponies through an old Discord group chat

Dream Treasure (~2013 to 2020)

dream treasure

ah yes, the classic. her name came from a pony name generator my sibling Tiel showed me. she went through a few minor design changes, but she mainly stayed as a pegasus when i still used her. she was portrayed as an alicorn a few times though. i roleplayed as her on Roblox and Amino a lot if memory serves me well. life was simple. dream treasure was sweet and usually cheery. above image is a recreation of her completely from memory

Hemlock (2020)


hemlock was... something. i kinda just made my fursona at the time in Pony Town for this, but this was halfway out of my cringe-fearing era where i hated the idea of being a "mary sue" so all my sonas were boring as shit. he was kind of ugly bc i made his main colors old couch-fabric beige, slate grey, and mauve. strange little deer. i should really remake that fursona one day, i had some fun design changes for him later into his existence. hemlock was awkward and a little annoying if im being 100% honest

Osmanthus (early to mid 2021)


the design i had for osmanthus was more coherent than hemlock's, with brighter colors and more of an idea of what it wanted to be. the cooler hemlock in summary. they were another deer bc that used to just be My Thing with sonas. they were also a pegasus bc i wanted better movement in Ashes Town. os was kind of an asshole as a character but not really in a hateable way imo. fun fact i used to go by this name a lot

Oliver/Olls (~2021)


idk when i had this dork as my ponysona i just know i Did. olls was just a pony version of my main sona at the time, yet another deer. said main sona later got converted into a normal OC. honestly he's the only Pony Town character im keeping around from my pre-2023 days, i really like his design. olls was friendly and somewhat meek, but he meant well

Lobster Bisque (late 2021)

lobster bisque

not much can be said about lobster bisque. he was a unicorn who was good at soup. i made him in an oc creator one time and then never again. he was obnoxiously extroverted and kinda unnerving


Crossbone (2023)


newest ponysona! crossbone's design was mainly just whatever i felt good about. skeleton-patterned coat i cant recreate in Pony Town, Xs in the eyes, expression-changing mask--all of it was just because i felt like it. it's laid-back and generally pretty chill. good at skateboarding also (but that stems from me wanting to learn, i don't actually know how just yet)

and thats all of them. might update this post with any other ponysonas i make, but hopefully ill stick with Crossbone for a long while

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