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diabla diaries | 3.21.23

these days i've been bleeding out of my vagina a lot 

i have tango today. i want to like partner dancing but i don't, because it involves being close to people, trusting people and communicating with people which are all things i hate doing.

the problem with me is that most of the time i'm a man. like why am i so possessive over every girl i get close with?? i get so jealous of maria and her guy because she has something i don't. 

"she is jealous of everything, of everyone else's loves. she is jealous when she sees couples kissing in the streets of Paris, in the cafes, in the park. she looks at them with a strange look of anger. she wishes nobody would make love because she can't do it."

LOL anyway here is a list of good shit i've seen lately:

- girl named brianna acts all buddy buddy w girl named anya who apparently sent some accusing and bitchy texts

- vintage child psychology observation documentaries

- my grade in math going up

- my friend's mom's birth chart

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This is relatable

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Also the fact that the birth chart was completely right is scary

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