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March 21st 2023 8:16 AM

Lyric: I'm hooked, addicted you might say

Mood: happy 

Ten hour day today.......oh god. It's fine, I'm gonna try really hard to just. Have a positive attitude. I mean my first class is online and my second one is.............fun? Kind of.

Anyway how about a little introduction post for all the stuffed animals on my dorm bed! I could only take a few with me (I have over 54 on my bed at home). We have:

-Big squishmallow My Melody

-Little My Melody with her mouse friend Flat

-Cheer Bear

-Grumpy Bear

-Wish Bear

-Magenta (who I've had since I was 3 years old)

-Squeaky (a blue and yellow cat wearing a kandi shirt + skirt I made)

-Pumpkin Bear (a Halloween build-a-bear)

-Ghostface <3333

-Batbear (an 80th anniversary Batman build-a-bear)


-Houghie (a Beanie Babies dog I made a bunch of kandi jewelry for)

-Dewdrop (a build-a-bear axolotl that I also made a bunch of kandi jewelry for and is wearing a class of 2022 shirt bc that's the year I graduated lol)

Anyway yesterday I accidentally cut my knee real bad and damn it hurts a lot considering it's a pretty small cut. It makes me wonder if the cut is just representative of something worse underneath? Will is so cute I was in pain from this (+ chronic stuff and other things) so he brought me a burger hehe <3

Song: Where Is My Mind? by Pixies

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