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Chapter 1 of The Morning Sun

Chapter 1

My hair was floating amiss as I looked beyond into the night sky. I wondered why it feels so familiar, and why I feel tearful whenever the stars twinkle. Stars are just another life form not very different from humans or animals, which is why I feel for them. I feel sorrowful for them when humans do not care to behold their beauty, and I feel sorrowful when they let the street lights corrode their presence.

I sighed, lowering my eyes as i heard a knock on my door,

Whoever may that be?


The doorknob which was drowned in moonlight slowly turned, making a slight creaking noise as the unspecified being pushed the door. But then, it came to a halt. Still, no one could be seen, but I was filled with the utmost dread as I turned around wondering why it stopped. My eyes instantly struck at the slit, though I couldn’t see a thing because it was terrifyingly unlit.

“Who is there?” I gulped, not daring to take any steps to satisfy my curiosity.

Even though nothing could be seen, I heard heavy raspy breathing that seemed to withdraw and then come closer every once in a while. My heart was still beating out of my chest, even when I clutched it with my hand, but it wouldn’t stop. It kept beating faster and faster, as sweat trickled down my forehead.

I then heard a slash, and then a thump.

Blood began to ooze, as I heard trickling between the floorboards, which eventually seeped underneath my door.

I was too frozen in fear to cry, and too frozen in fear to scream or move an inch, but I was sane enough to sing. I began to try to soothe myself by singing the songs my mother used to sing to me at night. 

My lips began to tremble, along with my singing. My singing began to become off tune and spiral into screams as I finally found my will to live as the door I laid my eyes on continued to open, but still nothing could be seen.

It kept opening while I stepped back towards the rails of the balcony I was gazing at the stars on.

“Who is singing?” An unfamiliar, squelchy, disgusting voice that felt like chalk running against the board uttered from the darkness that shrouded the door. 

I reached the end of the balcony, still wishing to step backwards away from this unknown creature. But, the height made me queasy as I looked down. It seemed as if the trees were shorter and the cats that stretched and purred below not aware of anything, were minuscules. 

A sickly hand then gripped onto the side of the door, it was inhuman. My face screwed in terror as I gazed at the hand. Clipped butterfly wings were embedded into the flesh, and swirls were consistent in the skin, making you feel as if you're being lured into its labyrinth. 

At that moment, the hand pushed the door open making its final creak. The entity stepped out of its webb, into the moonlight.

My mouth became agape, and my eyes widened and withdrew from what I was beholden with.

Its sickly green-ish skin squelched and bubbled every second, with swirls moving all around the slim body, making you feel gradually nauseated the longer you watched. The most disturbing feature was, it’s dried up wound on the creature's head which barely held the slit head together. I slapped my hand onto my mouth, shaking profusely, with more sweat running down my cheeks.

“Those.. butterflies..” I slowly voiced, in a quiet manner as I noticed the clipped butterfly wings embedded into the creatures skin, wondering why they grew, and what their purpose was.

“What about them?”, the creature said as they began to rip off the raggedy blue dress they were wearing, revealing hundreds of more butterfly wings, swirls, and a huge gaping hole in the middle of its stomach ready to digest.

I gulped, trying to step away more but I was stopped by the rail behind me. I tried to figure out how to get out of this mess alive, but not one idea came to mind. It was useless to think.

“…why do you have them? and,, that..”, I paused for a moment, ”and.. that.., gaping,, hole..”,

It began to step towards me, disregarding the question. I was in no reality to exist as an escape artist, not even this one, I am not very intelligent either. But then, my will to live made me rip off the curtains, and throw them on the creature making it not able to see me. I then began to climb onto the balcony rails, carefully balancing myself as I walked towards the wall, heaving myself up onto the roof. Though, as I thought I retreated to safety, my legs began to sink causing me to struggle relentlessly to free myself from it, but it was no use, I kept sinking into the roof no matter which then came my waist.

Gripping onto the roof tiles, I tried to heave myself up but it only brought the tile along,

“H.. huh?”, 

I desperately tried to grab onto anything else near me, but it was no use. I knew my fight would soon be over, so I had no choice but to give in to whatever was swallowing me. As I was fully submerged into the sinkhole, I found myself screaming with my arms in front of my face as I traveled quickly down a tunnel which was surrounded with strange imagery and patterns. I tried to not look, since it gave me an excruciating headache the longer I stared, but I couldn’t help it.

“Is that me?”, I wondered in surprise, scanning the picture, as I saw a woman reaching for cherries in the tree, which had green plaits just like mine.

This thought then wandered out of my mind the longer I stared, which followed along this thought, something was sacred and beautiful about the imagery. I couldn’t not look. I couldn’t not stare, I couldn’t not look away.. not with a shining beauty that stood before me that I was ready to behold.

But then, I came to my senses, and realized I was giving into a trap. My headache worsened, making me nauseous and yearn for it to stop. It gnawed at my brain, making me slowly helpless as I was losing control over my body. I wondered whatever I should do, and then it hit me.

Since I couldn't look away, I decided to commit an act that would surprise even myself.

Digging my blunt fingernails into my eyes with great strength and pain, I gouged them out. The pain was searing throughout my body, and my shrieks expressed that. All I could see now was darkness, as I felt the cold dripping of blood slide down my cheeks, my hands as well which slid down between my fingers, that rested my eyeballs.

“Foolish child… “, exclaimed the creature in a disbelieving voice.

Even they couldn't believe I’d commit such an act to get out of this mess, though it now made me vulnerable. 

“Now this’ll be easier..” they growled, with murdering intent, “thanks to you”

I realized I wasn't at total loss, because I could still hear. I could hear the creatures movements and where they could potentially attack, but I wondered how I could possibly defend myself. I’ve only run and hid, not attacked. They started to prepare for an attack, scuttling to my right side, opening their void to suck me in. Perhaps, I could figure out their range, but I figured that’d be impossible since I cannot see. It began to open, and become agape with whirling streaks of nothingness floating towards me ready to suck me in. By no means, I couldn't let that happen, I began to reminisce through my childhood. My mother came up in my memories so clearly, it was as if I was right there still living the moment. She was beautiful, with shallow green hair just like mine, everyone thought she was gorgeous and divine. She was blessed by the sun bloodline as I, so of course. She used to sing me lullabies while I drifted off to sleep, and taught me how to do archery, and sewing. I liked to sew, it expressed the patterns of my mind, and the patterns of my emotions. 

My father was not very present, due to business. He was a hard working man, but my mother was more of a housewife. She baked cookies, and protected me while he worked. I never will know what made her so capable of protecting me, but maybe I was never meant to know. Maybe, it is a curse to know. 

“I will not let you steal the sun family’s legacy!” I say with a sudden urge of might, it was as if I was instantly blinded with courage by my own memories,

My hair began to grow, drifting about in the air. My headpiece began to shine, and glow immensely as a star began to develop in the middle of it, expanding and giving birth to a bundle of otherworldly powers that soon ingested into me. My ripped out eyes were replaced with multiple pupils surfacing around both of my eyes in a circle, making me see the highest dimensions possible, though it made me incredibly queasy and overstimulated from seeing every single existence known to man. But, I had no time to reject this change, as my whole bloodline was at stake.

“Wh- what is this extraordinary power?!” The creature declared with fear, as it began to carefully step away.

I stepped closer, with tremendous steps which bent the fabric of time underneath my feet. The plaits began to wave more, stretching towards the creature. 

“D- don't come any closer”, it muttered, as the void in their stomach began to unleash more strings of matter to attempt to pull me in,

but it didn't affect me. I was still standing, and striding towards this insult to my family. My plaits then traveled towards this creature at frightening speed, wrapping around its neck, choking it as I continued to tighten my grasp. 

It gasped for air with great might, trying to grip onto my plaits but with no succession. Its void began to distort and disappear, no screams uttered out of their mouth, just like my parents didn't.

I then came back to my senses as they dropped to lower dimensions that could be accessed down below. Their body hit walls of fabric and strings on the way down, but no blood was found as their body disintegrated from the heat that radiated from the strings.

My surroundings gradually came back to normal, but everything was still as it was when I left it and soared into the most terrifying hell. I still wondered why I was in that picture, and now that I think about it more, who was that woman with the most stunning black hair? 

Ps: in this dream like world, time goes much slower than real time. Which is why I didn’t describe that much. Anyways, this is Narnia, a 6 year old girl of the sun bloodline, many people are after them ..EURGH I’m not good at summarizing but u get the gist. Anyways I published chapt 1 to get an audience before I continue chapter 2 (I have ! Begun ! ) pls don’t steal or I’ll bite of ur toenails.

Id love feedback !!

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This is just amazing :0

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it was so cool!! i felt like i was in the eyes of narnia if that makes sense. like made me feel what the character was feeling or was seeing, it was amazing!!!

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awesome!!! :0

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Dude this is sick as hell💪💪

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