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This is my first blog post on any blog EVER so I thought I would talk a bit about my day

(please bare in mind I'm not a wonderful writer but I hope to get better as time progresses)

 So today started with me waking up around 1:00PM, I laid in bed for a few hours cause I was comfy and warm (my cat was snuggling me too :3). At around 3:00PM I got up and decided to cosplay a SCP OC Meadow!! Afterward my mom called and we actually had a good convo (which isn't common and it was really nice). Then a friend called me for a bit till my partner got home. We ate McDonald's that she got us. After that I noticed that my cats paws where dry and so we went to PetSmart to see if they had any bean balm for him! They didn't but decided to get him a harness, some treats, and new bell toys for him! He absolutely loved the toys n treats but as for the harness,,,not so much ;-;. Later on that night our friends came over and we all hung out, watched JoJo, and played some games! They just went home around an hour ago and now I'm writing this!!!  

Soooo that's about it! I'm hoping to write some blog entries about more of my interest but I'd like to do a bit more research before doing so!! I hope you enjoyed ^-^ <<3 

Signing off, Kirby :3 

a pic of my kitty ur u all :3

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