Prison Pen pal

So, update.

I got a pen pal. 

But like, 

a prison pen pal.

Ik ik, "that's not safe" "they could come to delete you".

Nahhhhhh fam, relax. 

They're connected with me from a really dope organization called Last Prisoner Project.

According to their website,

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to achieve our goal of freeing the tens of thousands of individuals still unjustly imprisoned for cannabis.

I'm a stoner. They were or maybe still are stoners.

I can get jiggy with this. 

So I took a chance and emailed my first letter. 

I reached out to a few people and after a few weeks without a response, I forgot about it. I got two letters from the website!!! I just sent out the first one yesterday and received this one that same day.

I sat down and read it with anticipation, not at all knowing what to expect.

I read a letter that was genuine and heart-wrenching. He talked a bit about what was going on in the prison and his reason for being there. He shared that he has a petition and I went straight into writing the letter. The more I wrote, the more it sat on my heart, "Look up that petition".

Once I did, my heart sank. There was his picture- I'd forgotten what he'd looked like and I got to reread his story. 
I rushed to sign it and now I'm here pandering for your signature. I'm sorry but it's in my heart and he deserves to be set free.

Here's a schpeel:

This is my pen pal, Moe.

I've never written an inmate- save my baby daddy lol

Seriously, he's so nice, he's not in for a violent crime, is family-oriented, and is funny. 

He's serving a long sentence for selling cannabis.

He has 3 kids, and a wife, and his parents are aging and not well and he wants to reunite with them.

He only needs 358 signatures to get the petition sent to the decision-makers to set him free.

ik I ask for a lot, a lot of petitions get posted and it's easy to scroll past a long post with a petition but this one hits so close to home. 

He's been in 10 years now and I think he deserves a chance to raise his kids.

Please sign this.

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