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A poem about my guy :)

Slumped in my little cave of doubt,

I hope that I show you my love enough.

I’m not good at writing what I have.

I’m good at writing what could have been and what is no longer there.

But just know that you were the spelunker who found themselves carving deep within me.

You dared to traverse my ancient unrefined stalagmites,

And you weaved your way through them with only the type of compassion a soulmate has.

And I wish that I could write you the most beautiful heart-wrenching piece of work there ever was.

The kind that former sleepy teenagers look back on as a truly valuable use of class time.

I want to make you feel that glow that emits in the murk of that little cave.

That ephemeral light that beams into the grotto surrounding that chasm.

That serves as a trail back out and into my world.

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