I Have Covid Again

I remember about two years ago, when I first started this blog, I had covid as well.  I thought it was this big scary thing and was terrified when I saw the test come up as positive.

Since then I've had it two more times, this is my third, and it just feels like a bad cold.  I called out of work and had a telehealth appointment to which my doctor told me to quarentine for five days.

I'm not going to argue with getting five days off, though I am a bit disappointed since today and tomorrow were my last two days at the jail.  Now I have to go back to get my shit and return their shit.  I didn't want to go through that awkwardness so I was going to do everything Tuesday but nope.  Not now.

I have no clue how my new job is handeling it since HR wasn't in when I called.  Customer service left a note and I talked to the store manager but I think I'll call again tomorrow just in case.  

With all this time on my hands I was able to clean my room back up.  It was pretty bad since I was working two jobs so I had no time to spruce it up.  Kinda sad that I didn't get to eat the lunch I planned on eating today but I can make it tomorrow since I'll be home.

I think tomorrow I'll also do a room tour of my bedroom since I have the time and it's cleaned up.  Today I uploaded two videos.  The first one of a diary entry and the second one of me vibing to, "Lost in my room" by Sky Ferriera.

Instead of looking at YouTube as an influencer platform I'm just looking at it as another form of social media.  If I want to upload more than one video a day then I will, if I don't want to upload at all then I'll do that too!

My boyfriend bought me Panera for dinner and had it delivered to my door so that he wouldn't get sick.  He did this last time I had covid and I love him for being so sweet and caring.  

I'm not going to lie, I am pretty bummed about not being able to say goodbye to my coworkers.  Oh well, I'll end up seeing them at some point.

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