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i've always wanted to play something so i've been saving up to buy either an electric guitar or a bass, but now i can't decide on which one to get. i'd love to play both but mastering an instrument takes time and i don't think i can afford it anyway. maybe i should just flip a coin on it or pull a 180 and buy a drumkit instead lol

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I'd recommend going with electric guitar (definitely not biased *coughs in guitar player*). But for real, if you can play guitar, you can learn to play bass guitar pretty easily. Bass guitar doesnt seem to have as much free resources online to learn from. Theres hundreds of videos on youtube teaching regular guitar though.

but you should also think about what kind of music you want to play! Do you want to play the pulse of a song (the rhythm section) or the actual melody/more dynamic parts. If it's rhythm, go with bass, but other wise guitar is probably your best bet.

Or be a hero and take up drums. though id recommend you have a shed and/or unattached garage to practice in

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hey, thanks for reaching out with some advice! def helped me think about it more and I think I can safely say you've tipped me toward buying a guitar.

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No problem! good luck on your music journey i hope you have fun :]

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