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A (hypothetical) Minecraft Show i thought of called A Regular Minecraft Playthrough!

In my spare time, I thought up of a cool show idea based off of minecraft called A Regular Minecraft Playthrough, and i'm gonna talk about it because why not lol

(note! Me and my friend plan to post the first and second episodes soon! So, just skip to the blog post’s updates at the end to avoid spoilers up until the end of the first arc. If you don’t give a shit, read on!)

Basic Plot:

The basic plot of the show is quite simple and it goes like this:
A group of people have been tossed into a minecraft world, and they want to escape. To do so, they have to kill Herobrine and make it past the world border (which would be shattered once Herobrine dies). However, on the way, they get into some wacky shenanigans (which is what most of the show is focused on).


The main characters are loosely based on me and my friends, and here is their interpretations:

Ani (based off me!!!): Ani is a Robloxian hailing from Robloxia, a place where creation and recreation are the priority. He's adventurous and carefree (sometimes too carefree), and is mostly neutral. He ended up in this world when he accidentally fell through a portal on his adventures for a powerful artifact. He shows up in the first episode, being the first major character introduced.

Sir Bobby: Sir Bobby (also just known as Bob) is a knight who hails from the Cheese Kingdom, a medieval-like kingdom who has unlocked the power of cheese, turning it into a super durable ore, suitable for armor. He’s very noble… at least at his job. He loosens up around friends. He ended up in the world after tripping into a portal on one of the Cheese Kingdom’s invasions. He shows up shortly after the Ender Dragon Arc (ep 1-10), threatening to invade the land that Ani’s house is built on. Luckily, Sir Bobby notices Ani as one of his friends from back then, agreeing to work with him.

KelpMan: Kelp Man is a salesman who sells kelp. He comes from a kelp world. He tries striking up deals with anyone, no matter how dire the situation is. He shows up at the end of the first episode, staring at Ani after he exits his crafting table. That’s honestly all we know at the moment. He’s very mysterious.

Axo: Axo is an axolotl-human hybrid. He has water powers. I haven't thought him out too well yet.

Ender Dragon Arc:

In Sir Bobby's description, you may have noticed the Ender Dragon Arc. This arc is the first in the series, and the most relatively normal one. This follows Ani and friends as they beat the game, hoping that will get them out. It lasts about 10 episodes, those episodes being:

1. Arrival: Ani wakes up on the shore, confused about his surroundings. He quickly gathers himself and starts doing stuff, all the way up to stone tools. This is the part where Kelp Man shows up.

2. Make The Deal: The episode starts with Ani franticially running away from Kelp Man, until Kelp Man appears in front of Ani. Funniness Happens.

3. Achieving Hardware: The quest for iron tools and armor!

4. Into The Hellfire P1: Ani (and kelp man) enter the nether, looking for a fortress.

5. Into The Hellfire P2: Fortress buisness.

6. Enderpearl Gathering: Enderman Genocide.

7. On Our Way!: Getting to the fortress

8: Ocean Monument: Found one, might as well loot it while we're here.

9: We're Here!: On Our Way P2

10: Final (not really) Fight


HUGE UPDATE: I FINALLY GOT OFF MY ASS AND RECORDED PART 1 AND 2 WITH MY FRIEND!!! He’s gonna edit the footage, and once he’s done, I’ll edit this post again and show y’all the link to episode 1 and episode 2.

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This is a really fun concept! It'd be great if you fleshed out the characters a bit more, especially Axo. I'm curious about what's in store for the show beyond the first arc. I would love to see an update or maybe like a short story or a preview to what the 1st ep will look like

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