bfs plans 4 my bday

in my bitch era, my birthdays this Thursday and I'm getting older rip not excited, more responsibilities. anyways guys happy Tuesday, probs gonna sleep all day today as its 3:07am. Even tho I'm in my bitch era I'm in my lovergirl era too, my bf is planning a date for my birthday and he told my bestie his plans cause she was helping him and I pried her for the deets so here goes, he's gonna take me to a restaurant (she won't tell me which one only that's its really fancy) and that I have to wear a pretty dress and heels, the whole nine yards yk. After the dinner he's gonna take me on a walk around this beautiful park in our city and give me a birthday present, my bestie told me that its really expensive (she helped him pick it out) and I'm so excited and I appreciate him so so much but even if the present was a promise ring made of yarn I would love it just the same. Anyway, I'm so fucking excited to spend my birthday with the two people I love most (and for the presents ;)). and my besties ex will be there too but he's a cheating bastard so fuck him L anyway goodnight guys love ya.

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idk if you mean this thursday like march 24th but my birthday’s on the 28th!!!

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awwwhh happy birthday for then bestieee, and my birthdays on the 23rd :) <33

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oh it is the 23rd on thursday lmao i can’t count

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