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Her heart was pounding. He gave her sweet butterflies that would float around in her stomach like a feather dancing its way to the ground. A smile slowly spread across her sun kissed face as she continued to message her loving boyfriend. They have been together for about a year or so. She felt a sense of comfort around him. He was her home. 

They lost track of time easily. She felt as if she had only met him yesterday, yet she has also known him for her entire life. They don't know what they talk about anymore. He could go on forever about nothing and she would still be happy just to listen to him.

  Mia’s keyboard made quick and quiet clicks as she replied to her conversation with Christopher about yet another nothing. 

The TV was running in the back. She barely noticed it at all. It wasn’t very important, most likely another rerun. Faint noises of talking could be heard, almost if they were trying to talk to her, but she was of course way too busy to listen to any of them. Her mind was completely wrapped up in her conversation. 

Christopher replied to her quickly, as he always did. Both had nothing to do but sit and talk to each other until they shall finally meet, on their own special day. Not too many years from now, they will meet. They will have each other in hand to hold until time ticks away and in their own separate ways they'll be forced to part once again. Until the next eventual time, where history repeats. They would meet and part ways till Millie was out of High School. Once she was unrestricted by school, she could travel. They had made plans to live together since they could remember ever meeting each other. 

She was in complete and utter love with him. Even before they had started dating she knew she loved him. He said he felt safe with her, like he could tell her anything even though he had only met me a few days prior. She, of course, had felt the same way and thus her feelings towards Chris had begun. Like a sudden flood of emotions and warmth had hit her, they both soon figured out our feelings towards each other. That was, of course, until everything had to come to a stop. They were right. Everything good can't stay good for long. It shrivels up and dies like an old rotten fruit.  

Mia’s love-filled conversation with her astonishing partner was soon interrupted. She had gotten a notification from a friend, Aubrey. Millie told Christopher that she would text him as soon as she was free, as something had just come up. He told her everything was fine, she could message him whenever she had free time to do so. 

She switched over to the chat with Aubrey. Skimming over the message, she got confused very quickly. "Can you ask Chris why he's mad at me?" Her eyebrows scrunched in confusion. What happened last night? Why would he be upset? 

Mia switched chats yet again. "Chris, Aubrey wants to know why you’re mad at her." She felt her whole mood change with his hesitant reply. He didn’t reply as quickly as he used to. "It's nothing." Why wouldn't he tell her? If Aubrey did something to upset him, surely Millie should know about it, if of course, it's not too serious. "I'll just ask her what happened if you don't tell me." She was getting a bit irritated. Millie could feel my entire body go warm with his response. "Please don't." What does that mean? What happened? Why doesn't he want her to know? “Why shouldn’t I ask her?” She felt upset and confused. "I don't want to hurt you." The deeper this rabbit hole goes, the more confused and upset it left her. 

She kept flipping between the two chats until she got an answer.

"Aubrey, what happened last night? Chris won't tell me. He said he didn't want me to know because I would be hurt by it." Aubrey typed for what seemed like an endless eternity of nothingness. "Wait, are you and Chris dating?" Mia could have sworn she told her when they had first started going out. "Yeah, for about a year or so. I thought I told you." Her reply seemed uncomfortable. "Last night he told me you guys broke up over a stupid argument a few days ago."

Her heart dropped, as if it fell into a bottomless pit. Mia felt like she was being stabbed. The knife just dug farther, farther, farther into her with each message that Aubrey had sent her. "Last night he didn't seem like his friendly self, he was a little closer to me, a bit more sexual too," The knife dug deeper. "He told me you guys got into an argument over being so far away and how the relationship just wouldn't work out anymore." And deeper. "He started to flirt with me more and more." Deeper. "And then he asked me out, I said yes, I wasn't thinking much of it. That was until he had asked me for some pictures I didn't feel comfortable sending a few minutes into dating someone. I’m sorry I didn’t look farther into it though, I didn’t know he was trying to cheat on you." Twist. The bloody love from Mia’s heart which used to be shared by Christopher was falling onto the hardwood floor as if I were a fountain. It stained her beautiful floors. 

She was stunned. She couldn't move. Her heart was pierced with a blade named hatred. Aubrey felt horrible about what she did but Mia knew it wasn't her fault. He lured Aubrey into a false state of comfort and security. 

She had switched chats again. She started to feel warm, a scene similar to love but this time it was filled with complete and utter fury. 

Mia was uncomfortable and upset as she wrote down every feeling she was having at that moment. "Chris. Aubrey told me everything that happened. Including the fact you told her we broke up over an argument, and that you got with her last night and asked her for pictures." Her cheeks were warm and newly wet. He read the message and took a while to respond. "I'm sorry." That's all? I'm sorry? She knew by how long it took him to respond, he was thinking of what to say. He hadn’t thought it would have gotten this far. Everything else he could have said would have been just as meaningless as his sorry. He was better off not responding in the first place.

 Aubrey was sending me messages as Mia was talking to Chris. Message after message her anger only grew. "Is that really all you have to say for yourself? You cheated on me with someone I consider to be my friend. You knew I was hesitant about introducing you two in the first place, and you lied to her to have her." He only made her feel worse with every response she got. "It wasn't my fault, I was on a call with my friends and they asked me to text Aubrey like that as a prank to her, I never thought it would hurt you as bad as it did and I know I should've thought about you before I did it."

She felt as if boiling hot water was pouring down her cheeks. Her tears only got warmer the longer she cried. She knew he was lying but she had to find a way to myth bust his side of the story too. "What would you have done if she did send you those pictures? You couldn't do anything but look." He was backed into a corner. "I know and I feel horrible about it, I'm sorry." "You act as if I don't exist, I barely hear you say my name. Even when you're trying to apologize to me it feels as if you forgot who I am." He didn't reply. 

She went back to chatting with Aubrey. "I'm gonna go ballistic on him, I'm so sorry I didn't know you guys were still together." She read Aubrey’s texts with water filled eyes. "And if he didn't feel guilty about dating me while he's with you, there's a possibility he has another girlfriend too." That hit Mia like a speeding truck. Mia let out a sad sigh and slowly started to type. "Ask Zack. He's friends with Chris and he'd most definitely know if he had another girlfriend." Aubrey agreed and told her that she would be back quickly. She had to at least try to get information from Chris's friends. 

Mia wasted her time away waiting, not messaging anybody. She wasn’t in the mood. She sat up slowly, sitting the laptop down on a nearby table. All she could do was stumble. She didn’t have the energy to walk properly.

Her stomach rumbled. Her head slowly started falling to the side. With a quick thump she fell. Her clay brown eyes were still open, blankly staring at the TV. It was now quiet. When did it go silent? Why didn’t she notice? The remote was infront of her, sitting on the glass coffee table. She could reach for it and turn the TV on, but no. Instead, she just fell asleep. Her dream land should be better than anything that's happening right now.

She was startled awake with a cold sweat. Mia had a very upset stomach. The sudden realization hit when she vomited into the trash can next to her bed. She was sick. Simply and terribly sick. 

The broken clock on the bedside was flashing lightly. ‘When did I get to my bed?’ She shrugged off her thoughts, assuming her friend had carried her to bed after he had gotten home from wherever he was that night. 

Mia was deathly pale, it was a harsh contrast under her midnight black hair. 

Glancing over at the broken clock she saw the time. It was late at night. It was hard to keep track of time, especially asleep. It’s almost impossible. The memories of just a few hours prior flooded back with a flash as the clock's numbers flickered in pain. She couldn’t believe it. It had to of been a dream. It was fake. It never happened and it never would. No. It wasn’t a dream. She knew it wasn’t but she wanted to believe it wasn’t real. The man she loved with her entire heart was cheating on her with someone she considered to be a friend.

‘I have to get up.’ Her head fell down as if it was tied to weights. She had no more motivation to socialize, especially this late at night. "And if he didn't feel guilty about dating me while he's with you, there's a possibility he has another girlfriend too." That hit Mia like a speeding truck. Mia let out a sad sigh and slowly started to type. "Ask Zack. He's friends with Chris and he'd most definitely know if he had another girlfriend.” Oh, that's right. Aubrey was going to message Zack to see if Chris had any other girlfriends. As much as Mia was tired and her eyes were puffy, she was curious. 

Mia slowly stumbled across the hallway to get to her laptop. The hall felt as if it went on forever in the dark. As if it were a sign to sit and listen, a notification from Aubrey was staring her down. The messages from before were still burned into Mia’s eyes as a fire would do to a roll of film. "Hey, I found out some stuff about Chris." She sighed. No matter the news, it wasn’t good. "He did have another girlfriend. We were right. Her name is Emma." Another knife plunged itself into her over and over again. "I even have a picture of them together. This is Chris, right?" Christopher didn’t like showing his face all too much. Mia vaguely knew what he looked like, let alone Aubrey. She sent Mia a photo. Surely enough, it was Christopher hugging up on another girl outside of a large building, they were going to a dance. She was furious. He had lit her heart aflame and left it a burnt, flakey crisp. 

Frustrated, Mia went back to the chats with Chris. "Who is Emma?" The more she typed the more tears streamed down her face. She has a river stream trailing down her cheeks. He had taken a while to respond. 

Every time her screen showed Chris was typing a rush of anxiety hit her heart. It was almost like love, a similar feeling of being nervous around a crush. This time it was different. She was scared. Terrified of the answer he might spill and reveal all of the lies hidden behind the couple she wasn’t aware of. 

"I understand you're upset but you have to listen to me, even if it's just for a second." She wanted to shut her laptop completely out of spite. "I was feeling alone, we don't talk like we used to and Emma just kinda swooped in." Her keyboard was so loud it sounded like it was screaming. "How long has it been?" A while passed before he answered, although his answer made it seem he almost felt guilty. "A few months." At this point, she was shaking with how much anger had filled her. "You're ridiculous." Mia was pushing her fragile emotions off the edge. Of course she didn't want to believe what was happening, she loved him and she thought me might have loved her back. He has betrayed her trust. He had every ounce of her wrapped around his finger and he didn’t want it anymore. Her everything meant nothing to him. He started to type again and Mia just sat there staring at her screen. "It felt as if we were talking less and less. I felt like you didn't love me anymore." Anger filled her up like he was pouring a boiling hot liquid into the cup that she was. She almost felt like throwing up again. She was disgusted. Rage led her fingers across the keyboard once again. "I talked to you everyday for as long as I could and gave you my complete and undivided attention until I had to go to rest, so that I could only repeat the steps that I had the same day. Repeat talking to you and taking little time for myself. Sleep, talk to you, sleep, talk to you, sleep, talk to you, sleep. It never ended. I devoted myself to you, which I admit isn't healthy, but if everything I have isn't enough for you and you want to tell someone we aren't dating anymore so you can run off and date them instead, maybe I should make your dreams come true. We should split, I'm finished being treated as such garbage." 

He was silent. He merely agreed with what she had said and sheepishly left the conversation as it had been. 

She didn't want to talk to him anymore. She knew she still loved him with every ounce of her beating heart but at the same time it was filled with hatred and betrayal. It was almost as if he hated her more than she hated him. All she ever did was give him everything he could have possibly wanted from her and he snatched the rug under her feet. She didn't even know there was a rug in the first place. It caught the poor girl off guard. 

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Omg i just realized.
Halfway through I changed the main characters name. It used to be Millie but I changed it to Mia to be a bit different. I forgot a few spots that I had to change it over but I fixed it in the end.

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