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HAVE ROTARY DIAL, BLACK&WHITE, AND HOUSEWIFE RADIO LORE!!! + some things i noticed about Housewife Radio

so first off, i would like to state that Communications does NOT belong to me. Communications, as well as the songs im covering, belong to Ghost and Pals. There will be a major trigger warning for brainwashing, 4bus3, murd3r and uhm how to i say it... getting offed by your inner demons lol

i highly doubt this will ever blow up, but on the off chance anyone will even read this, thanks for clicking. theres a long road ahead since the lore for these songs are extremely long. Ghost and Pals fans please reach out to me i am so lonely 


Francis had Henry at the age of 19 in 1923. She raised him alone since his father left them. She quickly became strict, abusive, and possessive of Henry. Every day of his life Francis would remind him that he would die one day. Henry met Nancy, who, against what his mother wanted, befriended Nancy because of her synesthesia. Francis hated and despised Nancy so much she tried to cut off contact between Henry and Nancy. Eventually, Henry moves out of Francis' house and cuts her off completely, marrying Nancy. Francis couldnt take no for an answer, and kept calling in an attempt to get back in contact with Henry. When Henry doesnt answer her calls, she wishes him dead. 


Nancy began to grow paranoid at the thought of Henry cutting her off just like he did to his mother. Nancy cared about Henry more than anything. Because of her paranoia, she begins to have frequent and horrible, hysteric depressive episodes. Henry tried to understand her grief, but he couldnt take how her behavior was reminding him of his mothers behavior. though she never talked about death or was never verbally abusive towards him, she still constantly begged him to never leave her. Because of this, Henry quit his job as a journalist and packed his belongings that night. Once Nancy was asleep, he made his way out of bed, into the kitchen, and once he was about to leave and open the door, Nancy flicked on the lights of the kitchen. Suitcase in hand, Henry made it clear that he wanted to leave her. Nancy, emotional and deranged, grabbed a knife from the drawer and slit Henry's throat.


Nancy Elsner is a housewife in the 1950s who killed her husband Henry Elsner. She suffers from Synesthesia, a subtype of Chromesthesia, meaning she sees colors based off of sound. Ever since Henry died, she begins to gaslight herself into thinking she could never do such a thing and her husband is still alive out there because she begins to see the colors on the radio being played as the ones Henry gave to her. Eventually, she realizes she now saw all colors in Black and White (Henry's colors), and has to confront the reality that her husband is dead and that she killed him. Unable to live with her doings, she hangs herself in her basement.

I promised lyrics i found interesting so here i go...

"Off-grain fabric tells a different tale"  "Memories inside my heart are there to grieve" "My heart cries out to you in desperation" "Losing bobbins under tables, is it so?"

May be her breaking through her little world for just a second, knowing her husband is dead and gone before she actually snaps.

"Scissors separate the yellow from the white" "Tailored frequencies need to be repaired" "In the sewing machine, I've lost myself" 

She is building her own little fantasy, her own escape where Henry is still alive so she wont have to deal with the guilt of her husbands death. she knows there is a real world out there, but she ignores it in turn for her own.

"Every day, it feels like seams are more than torn"

She may be becoming aware that shes going insane.

"Good morning, small-town listeners"

Maybe just me, but from my eyes and my ears, the radio may not sound the same to her now then it did all the other days before.


If you actually took the time to read this, thank you. i may do more GHOST and Pals lore, but they might be shorter than this because i covered like 3 songs in one

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