dream 3-19-2023

I had a dream last night. Now, I am not sure if I was being paid to like be the guy's friend or if I was just visiting some old neighbors. 

The dream starts with me walking into this room. A bedroom. The was were grey and the bed seemed to look like a size full. It was also grey. The room looked plain and monotone, with a few music posters here and there. Maybe some vinyl somewhere. This man that looked to be this father, was kneeling by a cabinet in the room, of course. I already met him before, so he wasn't like a stranger to me. I can't remember his name though. He was older, old enough to be known as Mr. Something. I greeted him and asked what he was doing or what he was doing. Basically, it was my job to be there. He told me that  (I wanna say, Michael... ?) Michael was up and was in a mood because he ran out of his drink. It was peach tea. I asked why he was in a mood when it was just peach tea. Mr. Something told me that Michaels's drinks were like supplements or his medication. It was one of the few things that calmed him. That made him focus. SO Mr. SOmething told me that my first assignment was to make one of Michaels's drinks. And that I got to choose. And if Michael didn't like it, I would have to make another one and to just learn from it. I myself don't like peach tea or any other flavor having to do with tea that isn't just the original tea flavor. Not knowing, I just randomly selected a powder to be mixed into the tea. It was watermelon. I thought it sounded disgusting, but I made it anyways. Mr. Something took the drink, walked out of the room, and gave it to Michael. I just stood there waiting for him to come back. But, Michael took his place instead. He walked into the room. He was tall, young like he was 18, with black hair that fell over his eyes, dark clothing, and a baggy tee. He sort of looked like Freddie from skins, but not at all his face. I introduced myself to him, but he looked irritated, so I knew to stop talking right then and there. All he did was thank me for making the drink. He said it was one of the best he's ever had. Then he laid down on his bed and I left. 

My dreams are like movies. Like its scene after scene. Im not sure if it's like this for everyone. 

After I left, my mind transitioned to a different scene. This one, it showed me and Michael hanging out. Like we were friends. We'd talk about music, movies, and sometimes about why he needed to take medicine. He just told me that without it, he wouldn't understand things, he'd be angry and irrational. Just not very likable all around. He says that the medicine helps him focus. It helps him become the person that he wants to be. That he wants to show people. 

And I am sure there was much more to my dream. However, I cannot remember it all. This was just one of the dreams that I want a sequal to. 

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