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my twitter drafts are going in here

"give me 5 more months and ill be one of those dudes with a slutty little tote bag" 

"i want griffith bangs so bad i would slaughter all my friends for them"

"in life there is marriage then there is roadhead" 

"art majors have degrading kinks 

source - me"

"gamer shame is real and needs to be addressed" 

"the gays were not a fan of william de kooning" 

"im taller then chainsawman"

"if you see duster on someones tinder dont lead with omg wanna make a suicide pack"

"had a dream where someone called me ugly then i cried irl"

"how are you gonna be a trans masc then me misogynists" 

"20 year old man prank calls someone from high school then is shocked when they have caller ID"

"need me a broad who will throw plates at my head"

"need me a broad whos a little twitter famous"

“need me a broad who wants my guts spilling on the floor” 

"to old spice: chemical burns wont stop me"

"its me im the unemployed friend"

"i retweeted something from a furry im sorry" 

"my biggest L is being ghosted then hooking up by someone who told me they kin shinji"

"what happened to spading furries" 

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