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coding for a background and header

does anyone know what coding i can use to edit my header and background without changing all the other stuff on my layout???

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Idk about how to change the header but you can change the background color with this:

body {
background-color: #"putthehexcolorhere";

also Idk if this is gonna help but here is a part of my css that is related to the colors. you can miss with it and figure out which one is for the header lol

:root {
--logo-blue: #c981bb;
--darker-blue: #87557d;
--lighter-blue: #c981bb;
--even-lighter-blue: #f0a8d7;
--lightest-blue: #ffbffb;
--dark-orange: #FFFFFF;
--light-orange: #a860b3;
--even-lighter-orange: #a860b3;
--green: #a860b3;

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oh also don't forget to put them in the tag

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ty for the help dude

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