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hi! my name is luke, im 23 years old, and i use xe/it/he/they pronouns

im engaged to my lovely partner dom!!

im a kinnie and tend to heavily see myself as whatever kinshift im currently in. despite this im not a no doubles guy, ive been in kinnie hell for almost 10 years and im okay with the fact im not the only kinnie of these characters in the entire world

i kin a lot but my most notable kins that i shift to frequently are:

L - Death Note

Zim - Invader Zim

Jonathan Sims - The Magnus Archives

im a vent refugee, and am used to posting stream of consciousness thoughts. i now do this by way of bulletins, which will usually be titled with an emoji based on current kinshift. any relevant content warnings will be included in the title if necessary, but otherwise bulletins are just named with emojis

sometimes youll see bulletins titled with πŸ“€ orΒ πŸͺ± or other emojis different from the theme I am currently going for, don't worry about it. this is for personal tracking of a mental disorder, and those who need to know are in the know

check out my page decor hoards! i get into random moods to hoard images and you might find it useful for your page :]

click me!

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I feel the same about not wanting minors to add me. I'm 27 and everyone on here is basically 12 who wasn't even around when MySpace was at it's prime, lol.

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