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Journal Entry #23: 03/19/23



I'm pretty stressed right now. I completed the work I needed to do for AP Stats, but the website was under maintenance? That doesn't make any sense though, I was able to use the site properly. I made sure to take screenshots of my work as proof, so if the data does disappear on me, I can at least get my credit. I just wonder if I'm overthinking this; data doesn't get deleted during website maintenance, right? I really hope so. I'm not staying up till eleven to find out. I hope my stats teacher believes the screenshots. If not, my grade is ruined!

This unfortunately has been the worst end to a spring break ever. My spring breaks overall are usually meh, and I'd say this one was too. It just never feels like I get everything that I want and need to do done. The only thing I now seem to have my mind on is summer. Summer. I've seen that word come up so many times now. 

I need to remind myself to wake up on time tomorrow, I have to wake up early for school, of course. As for what's happening this week, I don't really know. I just know that I need to catch up in one of my classes and that mock exams are next week.

Man, these last nine weeks may end up being more difficult than I thought...

Anyway, let's talk about something more positive. My mom's been making these sunflowers for my graduation party and they are beautiful! I can't wait for my graduation party. Also, I got back into this breathing exercise app and it's been a real lifesaver right now. Additionally, despite the fact that it's going to be cold for a few more days, it's supposed to warm up at the end of the week! I'll probably go biking this weekend.

Anyway, I need to sleep so that I'm ready for school tomorrow.

Boa noite,

AstraGenesis ┈━═


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