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road trip

ok so theoretically you have to pick one of these vans to go on a twelve-hour road trip on with everyone inside. what do you pick? 

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Abby Lee Millers van would be a TRIP it would be incredibly draining and I would love every second of it :~D

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ravens for the conversation that will be had in there, i KNOW im going to be thoroughly entertained, otherwise im with kiryu

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I feel Mater's Van would be a more pleasant trip but Jennifer Coolidge's van would lead to me experiencing a variety of wacky scenarios and at least one death, plus Krabby is there, so.

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to me the charmin bear single handedly tanks mater's van. i probably wouldn't survive and it would be daffy duck's fault

by jacob <3; ; Report

Hm now that I'm looking at this again I feel Raven's van is pretty good also, I dunno. Also fellow psychonauts liker hi!!!

by Piper; ; Report

its hard bc i think the raven fan feels mostly safe but raven being the driver? i just don't know how good it'll go for us tbh. also HIHIHI LOVE PSYCHONAUTS (I still haven't played 2 yet I REALLY NEED TO ARGH)

by jacob <3; ; Report

Hm that is a fair point.. I don't know if I would let anyone in that van drive tbh.
I'm in the same boat on 2, actually. Picked it up on release day, played like the first level, and just haven't gotten around to it since somehow. But what I have seen of it is really really good!!

by Piper; ; Report

the first one was so good and i only rlly played it because the second one came out! but my backlog of games is really long so i havent gotten around to the second one lol

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