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some metal and hardcore I've been listening to

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☆⋆ VAMPYY !!

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HELL YEAH NAILS AND CHAT PILE GO HARD!!! Converge and hkfy are awesome as well

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Chat Pile is definitely becoming one of my favorite bands!! I really want to get the vinyl record of God's Country

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I’m kind of into a few sleep token songs rn

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I don't think I've heard of that band before do you have any song recommendations?

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Their most popular song is the summoning and it’s a weird mix of funk and metalcore but it’s interesting, and one of their heaviest songs is called vore and I personally really like It

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I just listened to it and I really like it the song.
it sounds really grand and cool :)

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Orchid & HKFY SO good!!

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I KNOW RIGHT!!! they're so fucking good!!

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hkfy is playing in my city in may i cant wait dude

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dude you're so lucky!! I wish I could go

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