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AHHHH IM SO SORRY I LEFT FOR SO LONG!!!!!!I ACTUALLY STARTED FORGETTING ABT SPACEHEY BC I HAD SO MUCH GOING ON XDD i started fostering a kitten and his mother so ive been busy with that and my family!! anyways, thank u all for the new notifs anyway :33 ill try to upload on here more i swear!!(even though its mostly just for myself O.O)

NEW SPLATFEST COMING!! since kraken is bak + old weapons (wb 96 gal my beloved <3333) the splatfest battles will probably be even MORE chaotic which im excited for!! if u dont remember or havent heard, the theme is nessie vs aliens vs bigfoot!! i think they gave big man a rlly bad option for this (again im so sorry team sour :(( ) so i think theres gonna be mostly nessie vs aliens XDDD

Personally im team aliens bc i think theres WAYY more possibilty of them existing out there in the universe, and theyre just cool in general!! a lot of my childhood i loved aliens lolll. AND WE NEED ANOTHER WIN FOR OUR QUEEN FRYE!! i was actually considering team nessie since im part scottish, but i dont really think its real myself XD

whichever team u are, good luck!!! lets all have fun!!

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