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ai generated Byronic poem about the god of dreams and a mortal

Oh mortal woman, heart so bold,

In love with dreams, a tale to be told.

For you have found your heart's desire,

In the god of dreams, who sets your soul on fire.

Morpheus, fair and divine,

A god who weaves a web of lies,

Yet in your heart, he's intertwined,

And to his will, you willingly comply.

Like Endymion, you are ensnared,

By the god's beauty, by his air.

And though you know it's but a dream,

You cling to him, like a fevered scheme.

For in his arms, you find release,

From the sorrows of this mortal peace.

And though you know it's not to last,

You revel in the moments that have passed.

Oh mortal woman, heed my words,

For dreams are but fleeting birds.

And though Morpheus may seem divine,

In the end, he'll leave you behind.

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