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I've being obsessing over the band AJJ they're just so goood dude. Something about them just itches my brain in the right way. If someone knows another band like them please tell me.

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hmm "neutral milk hotel" "the dead milkmen" "the mountain goats" "the front bottoms" are kind of similar to them from what i can remember... you could try just searching up other bands in folk punk genre on google, im sure you'll find plenty :]

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All those bands are amazing man

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FUCK YEAH!! AJJ is an awesome band!
My favourite songs from them are "brave as a noun" and "Rejoice"

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those songs are soo good!!! my favorites are personal space invader and gift of the magi 2 :)

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AAHH AJJ IS SO AWESUM!! ^o^ i recommend kimya dawson :3 they're really good !!

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Thank you for the recommendation!!!! I listened to Kimya Dawson really liked their voice! I can't believe that I didn't know that the person from the Moldy Peaches did a solo project :)

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