It Eats at me Breaths through me I can't think But all I'm doing is thinking Heart rate is too high I wanna come down from falling off of cloud nine Hoping that one day maybe I wouldn't be able to cry Shit Shit shit Why can't I think straight I just wanna breath or have a normal heart rate Everything feels wrong For no reason at all My mind is screaming for me To leap off of a ledge that only I can see Maybe that's why I'm my own enemy Everything can go wrong Everything feels wrong Anticipation for nothing at all I can't walk My vision is blurry I feel dizzy because my head is filled with a slurry Of paranoia and stress For no reason at all It's paranoia Of failure or decept Of failing others and others failing me. I see and feel things that aren't there The anxiety of me feeling one is stripped bare Infront of me Fuck I was so close to sleep Now another dose of loneliness keeps me up Because I hate my head especially when I can't think enough To distract myself from Nothing at all

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