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this will be my introduction. ive had this account for 9 months and never made one bc i forgot it existed. im sure i had a intro before buti think i deleted it.ย 

ย anyway, my name is kellin and i live in my house.

im here to write about things and stuff in my life, etc. maybe more but idk yet. i like to ramble quite a bit.

i dont have much in books, shows or movies. never can actually decide on what my favourite would be and also not very interested in the topics either.

my interests are heavily music based, i could talk about my favourite bands for hours. though i also like creating stuff too, one day i wanna make my own music. right now i just make / paint patches, design clothes and other things. art too, i used to make a lot of it but not so much anymore, not as good as i used to be but i can still sorta draw, mainly just doing makeup designs on myself.

going out places is also one of my main things. usually its to concerts, small shows too. always have loved going to them, always a fun time. im continuing to rack up how many i've been to lately, though i've already forgotten the amount. other places i go to are typically random, most the times the mall. though i enjoy exploring around different areas of the city. abandoned buildings, graveyards and stuff like that are what i gravitate to. the best time is at night.

spooky is good.

and my own shit with music. i mainly play the guitar, though i also do the bass sometimes and i can also sing a little too, mostly screaming vocals is what i do but i've been told i can also carry a pretty good tune as well. i've been playing both guitar and bass for a bit of a long time, been singing for i think 2-1 years. oh and i've played in a few bands too, my first one didn't go so well and the others were pretty alright, i like to brag that i've played on one of the same stages that pierce the veil has (not at the same time, sadly, different days). also been wanting to learn drums one day too. i think that would be nice, i wanna record music on my own one day.

thats all.


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i support ya dude :) ill stand by u too

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