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Tell me how you found spacehey

I stumbled upon spacehey after wanting to use myspace. I then found a few videos on youtube announcing the rise of spacehey. SO i joined back in 2021 (september 27th), and started to blog about stuff and meet new people. I also made LOADS OF FRIENDS! As of this day (18/03/2023), I have 781 friends. Most of them aren't active anymore, since it has been a year. Usually i hop on and off every now and then. But if ni have inactive friends i usually just mass friend a load of people who i think are cool because, HELLO??? What bulletines will i be able to read if no one is online? I met one friend on here who i socialised with who is from germany and the same age as me but he ain't active anymore and he had a new account (Not active on their either), because he friended me with that account. He is called "Jonathon" on my (what i like to call) "Artificial Top 8", because there isn't a top 8 out yet but i coded it myself.

I NEED LOTS OF PEOPLE TO SEND ME THEIR EXPERIENCES IN THE COMMENTS. PS, plz drop off some kudos (Or whatever voting system there is after this blog gets posted)

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Someone in a DIscord server mentioned it and I was very interested. Well, I was curious at first, but when I actually joined it seemed pretty cool.

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right! It's rlly cool. Ty for writing to me :)

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You're welcome! :)

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Crash Test Dummy!1

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spotify ...

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by rai-rai ; ; Report

yes!! someone put their spacehey name in the description of a playlist and i was curious so i searched it up, and i thought it was pretty cool since i already knew a bit bout myspace and made an account.

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oh right. Sounds good lol

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my friend begged me to get spacehey

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LOL I feel like I'd be that friend.

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I found about about spacehey from pressing on the link of their insta bio and decided to make a account

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oh lol

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Mj ✭

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I only have an account because I'm stalking my ex

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oh I see lol

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