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The hero limped towards to the near dead villain as the once beautiful village was turned into ruin, the bodies of the villagers were scattered in the ruins, the flames and falling items were heard in the background. “Its your death now… may the souls you’ve taken be in peace” said the hero, the villain just laid there with the debris scattered, “hahaha….HAHAHAHAH!” The villain hollered gleefully

The hero looked at the villain, confused

“Me?!, you’re the one who caused all this damage!” The villain laughed “plus you’re the one who killed an entire village! Not me” they added, the hero clenched their fist then stomped on the stomach of the bloodied villain, the villain coughed blood as they smiled at the hero as the skin of the villain turned pale as their sight became darker

The villain thought of their past..

Children laughing as they threw stones at a kid..it was the villain, them and their only family…their sister were homeless. Their parents kicked them out saying “your worthless!” As they hit the children over..and over..and over again…

Children mocked them, hurt them and most importantly, killed their sister.

The child villain looked at their sister on a pole being burned alive then ran to their burning sister then crumpling to the ground and bawled their eyes out letting out all the anger…sadness and frustration out as a younger hero smiled in the distance.

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