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Tonetag introduction !!

What are tonetags ? Tone tags indicate the tone of a message. Many neurodivergent people i.e autistics need them so messages aren't misinterpreted . 

It's the difference between 

oh my god u suck. 


oh my god u suck. (just kidding) 

The actual tone tags (Not all are here but these r most common) 

/j - joking 

/hj - half joking

/gen - genuine 

/genq- genuine question

/lh - light hearted 

/ij - inside joke 

/ref - reference

/nm - not mad 

/lu - little upset 

/nf - not forced 

/lyr - lyrics 

/p - platonic 

/r - romantic 

/pos - positive 

/neg - negative 

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